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  • Archive for "Oct 2007"


    Finishing off the PR for today at ABC Radio.
    Mr. ABC? Takuro? ↑
    They’re having a staring contest.

    Tiger, piano & Taki ↓


    Today it’s PR in Osaka!
    The Takuro & Taki combination are merrily working hard!!

    They also did a public live radio appearance.
    Thank you to everyone who came. m(__)m


    At TOWER RECORDS Fukuoka.
    Starting the live broadcast after this!


    This is Taki. We’re busy with the Retsuden tour. After the second show at Fukuoka, we ate lots of tonkotsu ramen which was absolutely delicious. The other bands we’re touring with, NICO, DOES and monobright, are all really nice people and every show they do is cool. If we let our minds wonder even for a moment, they’ll outdo us. We’ll do our best to not lose. If we lose, I’ll commit seppuku.

    No, sorry, correct that to say “depending on the circumstances, I’ll consider seppuku.” I’ll do it by hitting myself in the eye with my elbow.

    My apologies for that.

    Lately we’re really busy to the point that yesterday my head was spinning from being so busy so I was falling over quite a lot. Thus today I’ve been worrying about the negative image of people who fall over wherever they please, like the nearby lawn or such. Oh well, the show was really fun and the ramen delicious.

    This was Taki.


    Thank you to everyone who came to the show in Fukuoka.

    Today it’s PR in Fukuoka.
    First up, a photo shoot for the cover of “BEA VOICE”!
    ↓ This is what it looked like

    After this, it’s one interview or comment or what-have-you after the other…
    We’ll do our best!

    ♪ Live broadcast information ♪
    1, Tenjin FM
    “Park Side Cafe”
    2, CROSS FM

    Everyone, come out and see the goods (lol) please.
    9mm will do their best with the help of the ginseng they received from a fan!
    Thank you!


    Arrival in Fukuoka!
    As one should eat ramen in Fukuoka, here’s everyone in the midst of waiting.

    ↓ Takuro & Taki
    We’re already ordering a second serving~★

    ↓ Kamijo & Kazuhiko
    Kazuhiko’s waiting for his ramen.

    We’ll be waiting for you tomorrow at the venue!


    The show’s over without problems♪
    We’re having a wrap-up party.

    Thank you very much everyone.
    Let’s meet again on 12/11 m(__)m


    Along with their equipment, Taki and Kamijo have also arrived in Nagoya via the 9mm Hiace!
    Everyone’s waiting★


    We bought something that becomes a pudding shake.
    It was really an… earth-shattering pudding and shake!!
    We’ll again do our best after regaining our energy with sugar!


    We went to Tower Records, too.
    We’re grateful for their big exhibit on the band.

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