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  • Archive for "Mar 2009"


    「Headed for Osaka」

    Or actually, we’ve already arrived.

    My hair’s returned to black for today’s film live.
    The sakura are blooming in Osaka, too.
    It’s the “bittersweet season”, huh.


    「I dyed my hair」

    It became violet (though it’s hard to see…) at Lessthan’s show, even though we have a live broadcast on Supesha after this! Just what’s going to come of this? Nfuffuffu.


    『Call me anytime』

    Hello, this is Kazu Nakamura.

    We had something called the FILM LIVE today. Each of us in 9mm did a short speech like it was an introduction to a movie. I felt somehow nervous getting on stage without an instrument in my hands. I don’t really remember what we talked about.

    Work ended a little early today, so me and Ryohei from the telephones went to have yakiniku by the two of us. While talking about our bands and basses and such, we at some point ended up having a really deep discussion about Winspector. This topic is a huge hit with anyone born in the 59th year of Showa. Everyone was watching Winspector. So nostalgic. Bycle.

    The picture is of Ryohei just as he’s about to have some reimen after eating nothing but meat. He said he didn’t have any qualms with me uploading it here.

    With that, later.


    The preview screening event has ended safely.


    The samples are complete~!


    Arrival at ESP.

    The members, delighted by the amazing amount of guitars and basses lined up.


    「Happy birthday」

    The day after LESSTHAN*RIOT was 9mm’s birthday.

    The members had completely forgotten about it and we were surprised by all the speakers suddenly congratulating us during the wrap-up party. Really, thank you very much. Going so far as to having it written on such a lovely birthday cake, the four of us are really happy. We turned 5, by the way. If we were a dog, we’d be a proper adult at this point. It’d be around the time for us to receive a wife. But for a band, what’s the alternative to a wife? A musical instrument?

    To get back on topic, I want this band to go on for another 5, 10, 20 years… even if my family, the staff around me, the fans of course, and finally if even the passers-by tell me to “please stop already“. I’ll at first pretend that I’m giving up, but then I’ll optimize the band’s configuration by getting another 3 people who are type B like me, withdraw my statement about giving up, and keep going with it for as long as I still possibly can. (By the way, the type B amongst us are Takuro, Taki and Kazuhiko. Well, even though I wrote all that, I’m actually not good at talking about different blood types and the variations in personality that come with them. Like, for example, how should you even judge the character of a type B person whose parents are A and B? Is it fine to call that person a pure type B? That, or like how in the previous staff blog, the fact that they wrote “Moo Hun” instead of “Mon Hun“. I’m interested in that kinda stuff, but those things are not the point. For now, please just replace the words “band” and “blood type” with the word “hairdo” and re-read what I just wrote).

    Tomorrow is the preview screening event of the DVD! I’ve no idea what I should do there, so I think I’ll check YouTube for videos of people’s speeches at various plays and stuff. It’s going on sale very soon, which coincidentally means our Free Live is also approaching. Looking forward to it. Later.


    ↑ Kazuhiko, going hunting in MONSTER HUNTER with friends.
    …and Taki who’s spying on them.


    「SOUND SHOOTER vol.4」

    Hello hello hello.

    Actually, we’ve already descended from the mountains. Our lodging together proved about as useful than it could possibly have be. A lot of new songs were born, though we won’t play them in front of anyone for the time being. They don’t even have titles yet anyhow. But, we’re working at a quick pace, so look forward to their unveiling!

    By the way, we visited Rui Hashimoto’s photography exhibition SOUND SHOOTER vol.4 yesterday. Rui had written on his blog that “the theme is heaven and hell!!“, and that description is spot-on. I don’t want to spoil it to you so I won’t say what it was like, but 9mm’s pictures were on the “hell” floor. Nhahahaha. It’s not just the old live pictures, but also some lovely shots he went out and took in Germany. Also, the scrapbook is fun. There’s pictures that make you go “…he photographed this?!“. There are of course some like that of us, too.

    It’s open until the 15th! How about you all go and check it out? It’s open until 16 o’clock on the last day, so take note of that.

    Work the man to the bone!


    「Lodging together, news flash 7」

    I’m on break now after finishing my questioning of the witness.

    We’re going to watch some DVD’s Kazuhiko brought from home.

    Shall we first go to the past…

    Or shall we go to the future…

    Or shall we go even further to the past than the first time…

    Or one that comes from the future? Which would you prefer?

    I’ll go with one that comes from the future, please.

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