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  • Archive for "Aug 2008"



    Before the performance, it was rainy and the sun was just randomly peeking from behind the clouds sometimes, but during their performance, Mt. Fuji ↑ was nice and visible. It was a great show!!!

    And then… after the performance, they got to take a ride on the balloon!


    It’s been a while since the last blog update.
    We’ve been busy with a flood of festivals and carnivals(?) so we hope you’ll excuse us.
    We made our way to SLS the day before our performance and got to enjoy barbecue!


    This is Taki.

    We’re in Kagawa now. The udon here’s so good, it feels like heaven. The people of Kagawa must be happy, getting to eat udon this delicious. Starting with the one today, we three shows on consecutive days. Kagawa, Nagasaki, Nagoya. We have a lot of commuting ahead of us. It’s an intense schedule but eating this much udon, I’ve gained weight. That always happens with festivals.

    Our show’s starting now. I’ll do my best.

    This was Taki.


    We’re recording something secret right now.
    Using an analog recorder this time as well.


    『You listening…? What I mean by a crooked chin is,』

    Yes yes. Yep, it’s me.
    More in love with Maya than Alena when it comes to DQ4, this is Chihiro.

    Alena’s really strong, but it’s like, how should I put it. She’s not wearing a loincloth. That’s no good. She doesn’t have enough sex appeal, she’s not showing enough skin. Ms. Diapers… err, I mean, princess…¹ Please study how to become proper woman and come again!! Rather than Killer Pierce, I like Merazooma and Ionazun better.²

    Umm. The ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL at Hitachinaka the other day was really fun. I got to talk with Chihiro Onitsuka a little. “Ah, your performance, it was so wonderful. I’m sorry, but hat fascinating restlessness was so lovely, I may have fallen in love. …Somehow my name’s “Chihiro” as well, really sorry about that.” I told her that and got to shake her hand afterwards.

    But oh man, it’s just like I thought. The name “Chihiro”, it sure is awfully, exceedingly, extremely great, right? There’s people like Chihiro Iwasaki, and Chihiro Onitsuka, and, you know, that one guy. The drummer from 9mm and so on… right?

    That guy, he has an evil look in his eyes, but he’s actually a surprisingly nice of a guy… He looks after his juniors and as for a strong point of his that merits a special mention, it’s above all that evil look in his eyes. He has a weakness for women, and rather than men’s penises, he prefers the female genitalia. He’s such a pure and honorable man.

    Get him now while he’s cheap. Let me tell you all about him. Somehow, he also comes with a chopping board, and moreover! He also comes with a kitchen knife!! You can pick from a variety of 5 colors!! And despite all that, somehow! With tax included, he only makes for an incredible grand total of 9999,900,000,000,000 yen. How nice. As expected. We’re waiting for your orders!!

    Japanet Japaneeeeeeet.

    Ugh, I’ve had too much to drink. My bad, my bad….

    ¹ The Japanese words for “diaper” and “princess” sound similar. Kind of.
    ² Names of Dragon Quest spells/weapons/I don’t know.


    Look at this!


    It’s already been four days since Summer Sonic.

    Thank you to everyone who watched us play at Makuhari. You weren’t hurt or stricken by summer exhaustion, yes? I see. Let’s be careful.

    As to what 9mm’s doing today, we’re visiting graves. I’m visiting the graves of the Taki family, Taki the graves of the Nakamura family, Kazuhiko the graves of the Kamijo family, Kamijo the graves of the Sugawara family. We shuffled it like that. Everyone’s ancestors will be confused!

    Yes. What we really did is get out of bed early at 5 to start off on our commute towards a certain sand dune. As to what we’re going to do there, we’re using Pro Tools to touch up the vocals we recorded. I suspect there’s some among you who don’t know what Pro Tools is so just to explain it briefly, it’s a software for audio editing. You can use it to chop up songs, put them back together and edit things to the smallest detail that the human ear can’t even hear. We’ll be working with it to the point that everyone’s just going “That’s enough already, stop it. No one’s going to pay that much attention, they’ll never know. Let’s go back.” (or rather, that’s only the beginning). It’s going to be audio editing with everyone completely on edge. We’ll be doing micro-scale work in completely barren surroundings with absolutely nothing around us. I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it. Which is to be expected as it’s mid-summer.

    Okay, fine. In reality we’re going to shoot a video for “Living Dying Message”. The director is the same Mr. Shimada who also did the videos for Termination! It’s also true that we’re going to a sand dune. I’ll upload a picture as proof later.

    With that, let’s all be in high spirits today! We’ll be sleeping inside the bus until our arrival! Good night!


    Lots of people came over.
    Thank you.

    We’re hoping for your support tomorrow at Summer Sonic Tokyo, too.


    「Summer Sonic Osaka!」

    Thanks for coming to see us! It’s nice how it got a little cooler in the evening. I think I heard it thundering before 9mm went on but I’m not sure if it really did. Those of you attending tomorrow as well, be careful of heartstroke and such, and go see Death Cab For Cutie in my stead, please~.

    We’ll do our best tomorrow, too!!
    Wait for us, Tokyo!!

    ※ Pictured here is the fire ladder at the veranda of our dressing room. Take note of what it says in the bottom right¹. What awesome naming sense.

    ¹ Could be translated as something like “it’ll save your life“.


    Summer Sonic Osaka!
    The picture is from their rehearsal yesterday.
    Sure is lonely with no one there.
    We’ll do our best so this place will be packed tomorrow!

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