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  • Archive for "May 2008"


    「What the hell are you」

    It’s been a busy day ever since morning, with magazine photoshoots, radio appearances, checking the Wanderland footage… Joining us for the photoshoot was a big-shot guest with whom we were having quiiite a bit of fun during shooting (unfortunately no, it wasn’t a beautiful woman or anything). I look forward to seeing how the finished product looks. It ought to be pretty good~! Also, I mixed that in pretty nonchalantly there, but that’s right, we made a video for Wanderland! It’s not really based on the anime or anything, even the band doesn’t appear on it, but! It’s really hard and cool-looking. I think it’ll have impact. I think it’ll only be a while longer until you can see it, so wait just a bit more.

    Only a week until Mujuuryoku no Cube!



    It’s getting late.
    We’re playing Yokosuka tomorrow.
    It’s sure to be a seriously good time!
    We’ll go at it with all we’ve got~


    Listening to LITE’s new record.

    It’s really cool. Searching for good second-hand bargains as well as going for rental is alright, but nothing beats buying a new CD. There’s that nervousness of “aaahh, can I get it out!?” when first taking the CD off the tray. Then you look through the booklet reaaally carefully (just that first time). If you like the music, too, that makes it all the better.

    It’d be nice if people enjoyed “Supernova/Wanderland” the same way. I’ve gotten people telling me they listened to it. Thank you.

    It’s supposed to be raining all day tomorrow. Looks like the rainy season is drawing near. It’s already June, huh? So fast. I’ll spend the entire rainy Sunday listening to music indoors.


    「With Quruli」

    Dera ZEPPING!
    I was a little nervous but there’s no use worrying about it now. I’ll do better at the next show.

    Now then, thank you to everyone who bought our CD.
    It got in 6th place!!


    Zepp Tokyo


    Website overhaul!

    The new release went on sale today as planned ★
    Thank you.

    That same 9mm Parabellum Bullet also had their website renovated.
    The URL has changed as well.
    Definitely(!) give it a look please.


    We’re hoping for your continued support.



    The live appearance ended safely as expected.
    Thank you to everyone who listened in.
    Were they able to become proper teachers?

    Next week’s live appearance is at a later hour, so those of you can stay up late, do listen in please.

    We were short on time as we were hurriedly leaving TFM, when we received this from someone… thank you very much. Apologies for not even properly getting to thank you. I’ll add it to the food provisions for tomorrow’s show.

    We’re playing with Quruli tomorrow.
    We’re looking forward to it with a strong sense of not wanting to lose to them!!

    Please give us your support.


    They’re going on-air now!


    Live appearance information!!!

    Today the members will be doing a live appearance on TFM’s “SCHOOL OF LOCK!”
    Just before their new release, the members will be dropping in for a visit!
    Definitely♪ do listen in, please.

    22:00~24:00 ON AIR

    They’ll also be making an appearance on 5/28♪
    Definitely, do listen in please.

    25:00~29:00 ON AIR


    『You were wrapped in a bamboo mat, thrown in a river and drowned?』

    Long time no talk.
    Feeling the maternity blues lately, this is Chihiro.

    Once upon a time… Something that happened a long, long time ago~

    It was the hot summer of 2005.
    Yokohama, the outskirts of Chinatown…
    At the first ever 9mm band meeting, we were planning our first show.

    After cleaning the room, the members put together this text at that very meeting.

    I felt nostalgic, so it’s time I publish it.
    Well, we gave up on using it though…


    2005 AD, August 1st.
    On this day, the end of the first era of the century is upon us…

    ~Our future together is aflame~

    The people who are running about, trying to escape.
    The Peking duck getting nuked.
    The century egg fluttering about.
    The chop suey going mad.
    The Chinese manjuu that was to never again have steam rising from it.

    From the park of Yokohama that has been reduced to rubble,
    the Hikawa Maru is now departing on its last voyage.

    The 20th Kanagawa Shinbun fireworks display vs. 9mm Parabellum Bullet.

    Just who puts on the bigger festival?
    It’s up to the men and women to decide on the summer’s greatest showdown.

    In the end,
    who will be able to draw in the most people?

    On this day, come over and witness the shocking conclusion.


    Now, as for the number of visitors. According to the results of the tally — it was by a narrow margin — the fireworks display had the upper hand.

    There was variation of a mere 25 thousand in the number of attendees.

    Everyone, it’s best to know your place.
    There’s a time and place for everything…

    Be careful.

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