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  • Archive for "May 2009"


    「VMAJ tomorrow」

    …after writing about it, I carelessly deleted everything… so now I’m staying in bed out of spite. But, I’ll have forgotten all about it by tomorrow, so don’t worry about me. For our performance tomorrow, we’ll be dressing smart like we learned to last year, so for those of you coming as well as those of you watching on TV, please watch over us lukewarmly as we try to prove the age old saying of “clothes make the man“. (laughs) With that, later.


    Having a drink after the show!


    「The road to VMJA」

    Without writing about Devilock Night, we’re already at Zepp Tokyo. Our soundcheck is starting!!


    「POLYSICS are playing」

    We’ve arrived at the venue. telephones played an awesome show. I just had some swordfish, so I feel like there’s no stopping me.


    「About 6/5~6/7 and an “announcement of an important announcement”」

    Yes. The interesting announcement I mentioned the other day was about our appearance on Music Station. The fact that a band like us can appear on the show is great, and I’m looking forward to how there might be people who just accidentally catch 9mm like a stray bullet.

    I haven’t really been watching the show much after the announcer by Tamori’s side changed from Sayaka Shimohira to the next person (I gradually started watching less TV since coming to Tokyo, and I was busy with part-time work on Fridays in my student days), but I did get to see MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT just before their breakup as well as t.A.T.u’s last-minute cancellation. I was watching the show recorded on video with everyone as we were gathered at a senior’s house (I’m pretty sure Kamijo was there, too). I remember watching excitedly as the guitar went “gyaan!” even though Tamori was still talking. Back when I was in middle school in the countryside, the only way to get news was through TV, magazines and radio, so if a band I liked was doing something, I was all eyes and ears. If BLANKEY or HIGH-LOWS was on, I’d record it and watch it over and over. The band kids like my past self as well as everyone else who likes 9mm, it’d be nice if everyone enjoyed our performance.

    And then, on 6/7 there’s GETTING BETTER. Me and Kazuhiko will be DJ’ing. I heard there’d been additional DJ’s hired — well if it isn’t Pierre Nakano from Rin Toshite Shigure and Kentaro from Northan19! With exactly the kind of a lineup I’d hoped for, the alcohol is sure to keep flowing. This is bad Mr. Katahira, this is bad! Awesome! Check the details here.

    Furthermore, to make matters even worse, we’re appearing on FACTORY on  6/6.
    It’ll be after “Black Market Blues e.p.” has been released, so definitely do come and listen, please.

    A pretty awesome three days.

    Actually, there’s still one more huge bomb of news I’ve yet to drop on you, but I won’t say what it is just yet. We’re announcing it soon, so we’ll have you wait a bit more. Fufufufu.

    This blog is getting long, but there’s one more thing. Tomorrow it’s devilock night!! I think I’ll get to the venue early to party with the telephones. It’s our first show in a while!! Let’s rock!!


    「Mix completion」

    We just finished doing what the title says. When can we let you hear it, I wonder~. To change the topic to festivals and live shows, around today or tomorrow there’s going to be another surprising and happy announcement, so be sure to check out the homepage once in a while please. Nfufufufu.



    Recording follow-up report. We’re proceeding favorably and find ourselves in mixing already. It’s quuuite nice. Everyone’s listening to it carefully.


    「Summary of our schedule」

    We’ll be busy with recording tomorrow. We’re taking part in this fun project. It’s still a secret though. I’ll tell you something else instead. 9mm’s shows in the summer are gradually being announced as we speak. They’re documented just fine on the homepage as well but I’m writing them down here, too, mainly for the sake of being able to easily check our schedule myself. If you find yourself wondering about our schedule, just come and check it out here.

    9mm this month
    5/24 DEVILOCK NIGHT ‘09

    Daisanji Memai Taisen
    6/12 Zepp Osaka
    6/13 Zepp Nagoya
    6/19 Zepp Sendai
    6/26 Zepp Sapporo
    6/28 Zepp Fukuoka
    7/8 Zepp Tokyo

    7/5 Shounan Otomatsuri vol.3
    7/10 Scandalous☆Night 002
    7/12 Kyoto Daisakusen
    7/19 GG09
    7/21 Trash We’d Love Tour 2009
    7/26 SETSTOCK ’09
    8/1 ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2009
    8/14,15 RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2009 in EZO
    8/22 MONSTER bash 2009
    8/29 SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2009

    It’s not just festivals in July: we’re also playing with cromagnon and The HIATUS. Writing it all down, we’re so busy it’s almost sickening huh. We’re playing live every weekend. That’s awesome. However, even now there are still events we haven’t announced yet. Wait for those just a little bit more.

    ※My area and effects during recording

    ※ My domain


    「Dubbing comrade」

    Looks like we still have work to do. Taki’s playing the guitar.


    「Just a game」

    If I meet a woman who’s name is “Keiko” for example, it turns into “K-ko” inside my head. That’s what my head’s up to. Similarly, “Shiina” turns into “C-na”, “Iino” into “E-no” and “aiko” into “iko” ((laughs) As in Ikko.). What I’m trying to say is, it’s fun how when someone’s introducing themselves, it feels like they’re doing so with a pseudonym. That would be all.

    Lately Nana Eikura and Eita are starring in this movie together, but their names are just overflowing with that “pseudonym” kind of feeling, so when I see an interview with them in a magazine or something, I’ll be grinning to myself (inside my head). Yes, I know I’m creepy. Amidst all that, I finally finished writing some lyrics (not really) so as I was thinking of sleeping for a bit, I see that it’s already morning soon. We’re doing pre-production tomorrow. To put it in a nutshell, that basically means recording (not really). Let’s do this.

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