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    「Last 3 days of the year」

    We played our shows at RADIO CRAZY and COUNT DOWN JAPAN. It was our first time at CRAZY and Nth time at CDJ. Both of them had amazing amounts of people there to see us. Thank you very much.

    9mm’s already playing their first show of the New Year tonight. Have a good New Years’, everyone.

    If everything goes according to the weather forecast, it looks like the area of the Tohoku region close to the Pacific Ocean will be getting a beautiful first sunrise of the New Year. There are people from all walks of life in both the areas that have gotten considerably better as well the areas that are still experiencing difficult times, but it’d be nice if everyone got to start off their New Year with a pretty sunrise.

    The forecast for the sky in Tokyo, by the way… I saw it but forgot what they said. At this right, it’ll probably be sunny. Maybe.

    Everyone who’s coming to the show (or those of you who are already at the venue), I’ll see you later.

    To those of you spending it with your family, friends or lover, those who will possibly be alone, those who have work… Everyone, I respectively wish you all a happy New Year’s Eve. With that, later.

    ※ Some pretty amazing cuisine¹ they had at Osaka Namiki and the backstage area of CDJ.

    ¹Tuna, half-killed & fried


    「Let’s go, Makuhari」

    The rays of sunlight feel nice. You can see the Sky Tree there. I guess it only looks small because of the distance. Now then everyone, if you’ll excuse me. Let’s meet at the venue.


    Will Chihiro by any chance write a blog today as well?
    This is for the people who came here whilst thinking that.

    No, I will nooot.
    Who the hell’s gonna write 10 posts in a row, dammit.
    I don’t have the luxury of time to participate in any such foolishness. Hmph.

    Brush your teeth, let loose a fart, and after you’ve flashily masturbated whilst avoiding the prying eyes of your parents, go to sleep right away. Hmph.

    Thank you.
    … See you later!!!! (^з^)-☆


    Hey everyone. Merry merry merry.

    A throbbing in the chest, a stir in the nether region. Unstoppable tonight as well, this is Chihiro Kamijo. Fuu~.

    Uhm. On March 2012, I will be leaving the music business.
    I’m deeply grateful for the support you’ve given me during these many years.
    Thank you very much.






    …is nooot at all what I’m going to say.

    Actually, I went to donate my blood for the first time the other day since I’d heard there’s a huge need for type A blood.

    … …

    Um, it seems I’m actually type O.

    Huh? Huuuh!? No way. No, you’re kidding, right?? Seriously?
    It’s not type A blood, it’s my mental health they should be worried about.

    Oh man. And to think I was selling myself as the sole type A member of 9mm. It’s not just about 9mm: I’ve been living my entire life based on my belief that I was type A. It’s not like I completely believe in blood type fortunes, but still, reading through them one-by-one, thinking “I’m a punctual person, huh” “so I’m a sensitive person after all” “I might be the excessively cautious type“, building my identity and touching points, seeking for common ground with people… I was building a self-image, thinking “so this is the kind of guy I am.” It feels like all that has now come crashing down.

    What an awful surprise attack.
    I’ll bury myself alive in a cave.
    It’s like the sky has come falling down.

    You hear about it sometimes, about people who’s blood type has changed.
    It’s caused by organ transplants, red blood cell antigens caused by disease, etc.
    It seems that especially babies’ blood types are at first hard to determine correctly.

    Really, I’m in quite a shock. I really liked being type A. It’s on the level of like if you were Japanese and were really proud of it, and suddenly your parents told you “Sorry. We always kept it a secret from you, but we’re actually Chinese.” I’m quite taken aback.

    So, like that, I’ve retired as well as graduated from my longtime blood type of A.

    This was my revelation, dirty on a level where even a  demon wouldn’t eat it, my completely good-for-nothing Christmas present!! I was planning on never telling the world about it, but it looks like I just did.

    Oh well. Everyone has a holy night tonight, right?¹
    It’s the confrontation of the century!!¹ It’s like, “will we live or will we die?!“!!¹ Let’s go for it!!

    ¹ A barrage of kanji puns here. If read aloud, the translation above would seem correct. However, if read as per the kanji meanings Chihiro uses here, the actual meaning of the last paragraph would be something like:

    Oh well. Everyone’s going to have a night of sex tonight, right?
    A confrontation of genitals!! It’s like, “the semen or the egg?!“!! Let’s go for it!!


    Today a Taki-planned event @ Shibuya Kinoto took place! It was a show featuring 10 bands — including a secret one!! From beginning until end, it was a fun event with strong performers. I’m completely worn-out. (laughs)

    Appearing as the secret band was…
    9mm Parabellum Bullet!
    They played at Kinoto for the first time in ages!

    It was really fun seeing their friends and classmates from their student days in attendance! Their juniors from the same office, mudy on the Sakuban and cinema staff, appeared at the event, too. It looked like they had loads of fun.

    mudy on the Sakuban’s bassist Ady was having so much fun during the event, he immediately collapsed as it ended. (laughs)

    Takuro, giving the peace sign without a moment’s delay!!
    Behind the camera was drummer Kuno from cinema staff!
    They’re so heartwarmingly close~.

    Amidst all this, Chihiro Kamijo is busy updating the blog daily! Tomorrow’s his 9th one… the stakes are naturally getting raised and I’m excited about the end result~. There’s nothing to be concerned about though, so please don’t worry. m(_ _)m

    Look forward to Kamijo’s blog tomorrow!


    Hey hey.

    Higher than the Mount Everest, deeper than the Lake Baikal… Those kinds of examples are perfect metaphors of my character. Good evening, this is Chihiro.

    I’ll write a blog tonight, too!!

    The me who never wrote here before, suddenly writing this many blogs feels kind of out of place, right? Ahaha. Today’s the 8th one. I’m aiming for 9 consecutive ones so tomorrow’s the last update. In regards to that… it’s going to be seriously uninteresting, but I have a little good-for-nothing announcement for you tomorrow.

    No, it’s not going to be an announcement of our breakup. It’s about my retirement, or rather, a graduation announcement.

    See you again tomorrooow. Later.


    Yes. Boyoyong boyoyoyoinggg.

    A pitiful, wounded angel wandering on this polluted Earth, I’m Chihiro. Bubera!!

    For the past few years, I’ve been into bodybuilding. It’s really fun.

    Due to the nature of my work and the sleepovers away from home on tours, wrap-up parties and consumption of large quantities of alcohol, my eating habits as well as my sleep rhythm are completely off. I neglect muscle training and overeat. The effects of these things are remarkably obvious on the body. Eek.

    But this works the other way around, too.

    If you do your best, armed with a determination powerful as steel and a purpose a clear sense of purpose, the results will come. You’ll clearly notice them by looking at numbers like your body weight and body fat.

    I’ve started doing muscle training that promises a “1 degree increase in body temperature and 5-6 times better immunization“. I’ve seriously become unable to catch a cold and my metabolism has improved, thus making me able to achieve weight loss easier. It’s awesome.

    I don’t even look at anything but the good proteins now!! Additives, trans-fatty acids and margarine — I don’t eat that shit. It’s considered poison in Europe, you know.

    Everyone, let’s all do weight training together. Let’s go to the other side of muscle!! It’s okay to start small. Even a piece of trash will turn into a beautiful body once it piles up, dammit!!

    Yes. I’m gulping down the protein today as well~.

    Muscle muscle, yes yes yes yes
    Muscle muscle, yes yes yes yes

    Muscle yes yes, muscle yes yes
    Muscle-scle-scle, muscle muscle!!


    Yoiyasaa yoiyasaa.

    Something stinks.
    Something really stinks of shit.

    Seems like someone farted inside the train. It really stinks.
    Ugh, it stiiinks. It’s like a hexagon!!

    What the hell does one have to eat to produce a scent as dusky as this?
    It feels like I’m losing my nostril hair.

    Though it’s only a fart, it’s not timid even while of such vulgar social status. I sensed a strong purpose. A wickedness. A resolution. Although it’s mere gas, it deserves great admiration.

    I dare say garlic was processed to make this fart.
    As expected of the one and only, the strongest of the plant kingdom.
    Indeed: in the world of foodstuff, it still reigns supreme.

    After getting back home a while ago, I farted and it didn’t smell too bad.

    It made me realize I’m still much too naive.
    I’m disappointed in myself.


    Yes yes. Good evening. Doing his best with no make-up even with such a plain face, this is Kamijo☆Chihiro. I’m not trying to be Tsunoda☆Hiro or anything, I’m just downright copying him in a huge way.

    You know, it feels like I’ve caught a cold. That’s odd. I even drank a Pabron. “When drunk early, Pabron is effective!” is something I want to express though. Indeed: when you drink it early, Pabron is seriously effective. I recommend it. It’s one of my household medicines. However, if you’ve already officially caught a cold, it doesn’t help at all. When drunk late, Pabron isn’t effective at all!

    This has been my personal Pabron-concerning Pab-gument.

    …Hehe! That’s funny!!


    Ultra exotic shit!!!!


    ‘lo. ’tis me, Chihiro. My favorite dessert is fried pudding. Also, my favorite heavy machinery is the dump truck. Nice to meet yooou.

    It sure is nice weather today. You instinctively start wanting to get outside on days like these.

    I had this classmate. This emotionally unstable girl who ran off while in class and was later secured on this highway. I now reaaally understand how that girl must’ve felt.

    …She was definitely lured by the chocolate fairy to go and meet Gundam deep in the forest. I wanted to be taken along, too.

    As I was thinking about that while plucking my nostril hairs, I notice my day’s reached its end.

    Time sure is precious.
    Bye bye goddamn!!

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