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  • Archive for "Jul 2008"


    They’re going to play SETSTOCK starting now!

    Taki before their performance.

    ↑ Taki surrounded by nature

    ↑ Wheelbarrow and Taki

    ↑ Takuro and Taki

    Here they come, SETSTOCK! We’re hoping for your support.


    Long time no see. This is Takuro.
    I turned 25 on July 25th.
    This is so~~~~ late already though!

    Everyone who congratulated me!!
    Thank you!!!!
    I received lots of presents, too.
    To everyone who sent me some, thank you very much.
    I’ll use them with care.
    I’ll live to my fullest until 26. Thanks.

    Now then,
    9mm has finished their recording work!!
    From hereon, we’ll be immersed in festival shows.

    Right now we’re at Hiroshima.
    We’re playing SET STOCK08 tomorrow!!
    Let’s do this~!!


    『Summer festivals news flash』

    Hello, this is Kazu. We played the NANO-MUGEN FES today. It was 9mm’s first summer festival of the year and I think we’re off to a most excellent start. It was fun playing in Yokohama after a while and we were treated just awesome by everyone from ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION. We were really happy. I want to play with them again. In Yokohama.

    Ah man, and I also drank pretty violently for the first time in a while. So fun! Phew.


    NANO-MUGEN FES. 2008
    Commemorative picture



    It was a hot show and the band all had fun.

    The new T-shirts are sold out as of today.
    Thank you.

    So many people… the band also look to be enjoying themselves.
    The venue’s so big, you can’t see their expressions at all though…

    We ran to Deto from OGRE!
    Since they’re often told to look much alike, Kazu and him took a picture together!


    「No plans to have these on sale (sorry)」

    We’re rehearsing in preparation for NANO-MUGEN FES.

    We also got our new picks today! The colors are different for all three of us. Pictured here are mine (black) and Taki’s (blue). I’m happy! I’ll do my best with rehearsal!


    『Recording news flash 6』

    This is Nakamura in the Kazuhiko. We’ve been recording guitar overdubs yesterday and today. Mainly Taki’s solos (speed picking) and sounds of chaos. He’s always so full of energy. As for me, I’ve been cleaning my pedal board, thinking up setlists for the summer festivals, taking photos of Taki secretly and playing yojijukugo (topic: manga serialized on Jump) with Kamijo.

    Now then, we start vocal recordings tomorrow. I’ll be screaming.


    『Recording news flash 5』

    It’s The Kazuhiko Nakamura. It’s the 5th day. Today we’ve decided were doing an analog re-recording of a song that was also included on our last single, Wildpitch. When recording digitally, you can clean up certain parts where you messed up, fix the entire take and edit with ease. With analog, you can’t do that. Or, if you can, it’s not very often. So with that comes this sense of nervousness, this little high you could say, and you can quite often hear that when listening to the take. When about to record, it feels like you’re going to play live. Also, when recording on tape, there’s also this sort of “flavor” to it that’s not there when recording digitally.

    With that method of analog recording, the songs we did today include the fast one we also played at Mujuuryoku no Cube as well as this song I wrote the other day that just sounds like chaos pretty much all the way through. Junji tried expressing that chaos in a drawing (see picture).

    Now then, tomorrow we’re adding in more guitars and whatnot. I don’t have that much to do anymore so I think I’ll spend my time telling Taki and Takuro that their takes were no good and that they need to redo them.

    With that, goodbye.


    『Recording news flash 4』

    This is Kazuhiko Nakamura. Fourth day of recording. As we’re now four days in, the members are starting to lose their minds. Taki’s trying to break free from the drum part around him. Nice.

    Today’s songs included a silly, farmer-type song as well as an instrumental, beach-themed one we’ve recently been playing live a lot. The instrumental one is dangerous. Beginning with Junji, no one could stop dancing to it. That’s a good sign.

    We’re planning on doing two songs tomorrow as well!
    This was Kazu Nakamura.


    『Recording news flash 3』

    Hello, this is Kazuu Nakamura.
    Even recording is a violent affair for 9mm — Taki’s not even playing anything in that picture.

    We recorded two songs today, too. One of them is a rocker and a future crowd pleaser whereas the other one’s our first song to be over 5 minutes in length, an epic. I predict both of them becoming popular tunes. Oh, and we found that doing 2 songs a day is just right for 9mm.

    It seems today was the Tanabata festival, so I wrote down my wish¹.
    With that, good night.

    ¹I want to stay fresh. Kazu Nakamura

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