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    「The night before the tour」

    Inochi no Zenmai Daijungyou” is at last starting tomorrow. We’ve been rehearsing both yesterday and today and I’m quite calm. Well, it’s my guess that as we descend those stairs at the entrance of Lizard tomorrow, my excitement level will conversely go way up. We do this every now and then, but this time we’ll be uploading the setlists after the show’s over. Then the people coming to the second half of the tour will be able to make predictions based on that. The maniacally enthusiastic kids can try looking for laws there and stuff, so they’ll get to shout “ha, told ya so!!” and stuff. Not that we’ll hear it though. (laughs) I’m sure it’ll be an amazing time. Looking forward to Lizard. With that, see you at the venue! Later.


    Peko-chan, pregnant from fooling around in nightlife』

    Hello everyone.
    I’m an energetic fuckin’ Jap today as well!!

    Fujiya. I quite like them.
    Especially their cakes and stuff, though I don’t really eat them much since they make me fat.
    The body weight of Hello Kitty was three apples’ worth, right.
    I’m guessing the body weight of Peko-chan would have to be something like several thousand Milky

    Age and weight are something you don’t inquire ladies about if you wanna be popular.
    Just giving you this advice from my own experience, you know.
    Be careful, everyone ♪


    We’re having a photo shoot today.
    Chihiro, sitting elegantly at the place of the shoot.

    It’s actually a chair used as a kind of punishment.
    You don’t have to go this far! (crying)


    They’ll be appearing live on Spainzaka Satellite Radio shortly!
    Look forward to it, everyone!


    Starting now, they’ll be appearing on a live broadcast of SCHOOL OF ROCK!
    Please listen to it, everyone!



    Happy New Year.

    What kind of a New Years did everyone have? For me, as I was getting home for New Year’s Day, the weather got bad so my train had to stop and make a U-turn before successfully getting there. I already have lots of good presentiments for the new year. My fortune said I’d have slightly good luck, but it also said something like “depending on yourself, your luck may change into excellent luck, or alternatively, terrible luck“… I’m not sure if I was muttering “…let’s do this…” to myself or not, but in any case I’m full of motivation.

    Now then! Though it’s released tomorrow to be exact, I think there are some among you who already got “Inochi no Zenmai“. My mom went out and bought it just now at any rate. If you look at it, you’ll notice that all the titles on the release are in Japanese. That’s a first for us. It might not sound like I’m very excited about it, but to show you how much I really think it’s nice CD, I say all the elementary, middle and hich school students should buy it using their otoshidama and just think of it as their parents giving them less money than they were supposed to get (maybe it’s too late for that now, huh (laughs)).

    We’re hoping for your support this year as well! Please! With that, later.

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