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    Tomorrow and the day after, 9mm are in the studio doing something called pre-production in order to make more friends. The members, looking to challenge studio engineering for the first time, are being taught the ropes.

    Taki & Kazuhiko.

    ↑ Taki, test recording the acoustic guitar

    ↑ Kazuhiko, test recording the acoustic guitar



    Hello, it’s Kazu Nakamura.

    Yesterday we took part in WRENCH’s show at Shinjuku LOFT. I’ve wanted to play with them since way before, but my dream has now come true. WRENCH is a band who I personally really admire, so getting to play with them, I was unusually nervous before going on stage.

    WRENCH’s show was incredible! True chaos indeed. Combined with the visuals projected on the screen, it was a show that really sucks one in. Takuro feels the same way with me on this, but their albums, too, are absurdly cool.

    And so, while still feeling the excitement from yesterday, we had a bunch of interviews today, one of them for a magazine that’ll surprise you.

    Lately I can’t hear the cicadas anymore. I guess that means autumn is nearly here.

    This was Kazu Nakamura.


    『Once your own nature goes into disarray, the whole period of time does the same.』

    The heat has died down a bit and it’s again effortless to pass the time.

    It’s been a long time, it has.
    My dream’s to be a foreigner. I’m Chihiro.

    This week went by really fast.
    What did I do again? Let’s try to remember.

    24 hours earlier… I was eating curry, if I remember correctly. It was delicious and I was wolfing it down. Just putting it in my mouth at first, the taste was mild. However after that, it gradually gained depth and substance, and a nice hotness spread inside my mouth.

    It was retort curry though. Ehe. I’m getting sidetracked☆

    120 minutes prior to that, I was watching OGRE YOU ASSHOLE and POLYSICS at Ebisu Liquid. They were both great. Their performances were full of depth, substance, hotness and such.

    The day before that, I sneaked into a music shop to get the sticks I ordered from Zildjian. (picture: a two-shot of the sticks and a porn mag)

    86,400 seconds prior to that, I was doing seitai with Kazuhiko after studio.

    Nine meals before that, we went on a quest of music shops with Midori’s drummer Kozeni to buy drums.

    It was a week fairly full of substance.
    I’ll do my best next week, too.

    ※※Postscript edit※※
    Since I’m a responsible adult, I of course properly held back with the picture. I keep on living, trying my best not to make waves… since I’m a coward. If it showed nipples, they might call us a band that’s harmful to young people or something. We’re living in hard times where nipples must be hidden from Weekly Shounen Ju◯p.

    Back in the old days… it was better back then.
    Ah, I wanna read Wingman.


    『Advanced information society Japan, Saturdays’ street illumination (or, just killing time)』

    Humming to myself as I came out of the supermarket I usually go to, there was a dog there, fastened to a pillar near the store entrance.

    …Damn it!

    At a glimpse, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. However, when you notice it, it’s already too late: though this dog may look like its just waiting for its owner who’s buying groceries, it is actually not. It’s job is to send transmissions of our private lives to somewhere else. If there continue to be this many pet owners who don’t notice this, they can continue discreetly using these dogs for their purposes. Due to that, who knows what kind of information is being transmitted on to them.

    The fact that I was planning on making miso soup with nameko tonight, or that I bought discounted spinach, or how I lost to the housewives in our race to buy pork meat that was on special sale, or, because of the milk’s high price tag, I put it in and took it out of my basket twice as I hesitated… or in other words, everything.

    Just for who or for what reason they are collecting information is a mystery. However, the eyewitness information from dogs like this is not only an issue in Japan, it’s something that’s occurring worldwide. No matter how you look at it, tonight was certainly one of misfortune. Nevertheless, one must wonder just what their objective might be……

    Pictured here is that dog of electromagnetic waves. It’s become a world where you can never let your guard down.

    Our show tomorrow at AX will be broadcasted live on M-ON so we’ll do our best. Hope it’ll be wild.



    9mm Day has ended safely.

    To everyone who came, everyone from the staff, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE, Midori, DJ’s Maeda and Makoto, thank you.

    Let’s definitely make it a fun show next year, too. It’s already been two days since then. I haven’t been doing anything much since. Today’s 9/11, huh. I think if after 30 or 40 years Americans seem be forgetting about 9/11, people from other countries will go “what are those Americans thinking?

    That’s just something that popped into my mind when I turned on midnight TV the other day and I saw someone from The Stranglers (they’re a band from the UK, look them up) saying “The young people of Japan should know their history better, Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all that. All they seem to be doing is shopping.

    The weather’s kinda iffy, but I guess I’ll have to go out anyway. Autumn’s nearly here.


    『I think people can regulate other people.』

    Autumn creeping on the insect making its beautiful sounds and calls, causing a typhoon which foils the insect’s plans.

    Feeling sympathy for the insect who was in the middle of courting an insect lady, feeling the urge to breed.

    Yes yes.
    An insect in my previous life, too, I’m Chihiro.

    Like, writing the preceding, I started feeling really down. Yeah.
    I mean, I feel really angry and irritated. Yeah. Yay.

    Now… then.
    Huh, I’m starting to get drunk.

    A typhoon, huh?
    It must’ve been around three years ago. It was a typhoon that night, too.
    Hey Kamijo. The typhoon’s so crazy, I got in all high spirits and came over.

    With this kind of a strange excuse, Taki charged over into my house without appointment.
    He slowly took off his sopping wet jeans and phoned Kazuhiko.
    Hey Kazuhiko, the typhoon’s crazy so come over to Kamijo’s place!

    And like that, the three of us just drank about.
    After that, for a looong time we just played the Star Road part of Mario (for Super Nintendo).

    Nope, that’s it.
    There’s no joke here. I was just reminiscing.

    You know, requesting jokes and stuff, you won’t grow up to be a proper adult if you keep depending on people with anything and everything like that.

    You make the future with your own pair of hands, carrying it on your shoulders.
    The innovation of mankind has been entrusted to you.
    So stand up, youngster.
    Convert your sadness into hatred and stand up, youngster.

    Do not forget that us, the people of Japan, were specifically chosen.
    Because we are the superior race, we stand to help the rest of mankind.
    Siiiieg Zeon.

    Yeah yeah yeah. Gihren Zabi, as cool as ever.
    Okay, I’ll get uuuuup.

    Keeping you company was Chihiro, just about to pass out from the chu-hi. Yours sincerely.



    Good evening. This is Kazu.

    Tonight we’re having a “dress rehearsal” for 9/9 at Shibuya La.mama. What that entails is playing through the entire set for the night. Right now I’m having a break and the one playing bass in the mean time is manager Yamada. He loves the bass.

    It seems this year is La.mama’s 25th anniversary. The 25th anniversary commemorative publication features a comment from us, too. Definitely have a look at it. Also, La.mama still has our Phantomime poster up. Yep.

    Alright, my break is over. This was Kazu.

    『In case you haven’t heard the song “Chiisana Koi no Melody” by BLANKEY JET CITY』

    This is Takuro.
    Because I couldn’t go see it when it was in theaters, I watched the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” on DVD today. http://www.futsugou.jp/

    Those of you who’ve heard even a little about the movie or those who’ve actually seen it should know this already, but the “inconvenient truth” mentioned in the title isn’t inconvenient to the people who watch the movie (or in other words, us). It’s “inconvenient” to the people who intentionally disregard various cases of environmental destruction such as politicians or corporations that Mr. Gore talks about in the film.

    I felt the same way when watching Michael Moore’s films. Him and Mr. Gore, they must really think dearly of their country. They seem proud. That must be why they can’t stay silent when America does something off, and they drag that “inconvenient truth” to broad daylight.

    I’m sure that’s what director Moore’s new film is about, too. Giving people a chance to think.

    By the way, the lyrics to the song “Chiisana Koi no Melody” mentioned above recommends that people watch the movie by the same name, but I already saw it over 10 years ago.

    But in any case, you should check out this film ASAP.
    If we continue on like this for 10 more years, something “inconvenient” might await us.

    PS. Thank you to everyone who came to see us at SWEET LOVE SHOWER.
    It’s too bad that it never cleared up, but it was an awesome atmosphere nevertheless.
    It’s be great if it was like that next year and the one after that, too.


    Lipovitan HEY!』

    Hello, it’s Kazu.
    We’ve made our way over to SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2007 now.
    Pictured here are my friends Kamijo and Taki. Everyone loves food. Taki loves mozuku.

    Lake Yamanaka’s really foggy right now. It’s too bad we can’t see Mt. Fuji.
    The venue’s pretty cold, so those coming should wear something warm.

    It’d be nice if it cleared up tomorrow. This was Kazu.

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