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    The band’s first backdrop was made on 11/28.
    Always protecting and watching over 9mm Parabellum Bullet, he’s our new comrade ★
    Everyone, do make friends with him please.

    『Garasu Goshi no Bousou』
    Thank you to everyone who attended. m(_ _)m
    Those who couldn’t come, the members as well as staff are all waiting for you on the tour ★

    Thank you very much!


    『Garasu Goshi no Bousou』

    It ended safely!
    Thank you. It was a great night.

    If you include today, this marks the beginning of our tour that’ll keep going almost continuously until February. The tour goods are pretty cool as well, so look forward to those!

    Now then. First up, the opening night at Kobe. Wait for us!!


    『Wipe the tears under your mask.』

    This is the season where one’s constantly reminded of the chilliness.
    Even before winter arrives for real, it’s already impossible to get out of one’s futon.

    Having eaten too big of an evening meal and thus can’t stop farting, this is Chihiro.

    I was inside my futon enjoying the peace and quiet when I carelessly started letting loose farts. I kept on insulting my sense of smell like that. The part of a human psychology that makes you want to sniff things even though you know them to be smelly, it reminds you of our fondness for our earthly roots, doesn’t it?

    This is the reason humans are unable to give up.

    Though I didn’t actually mean to make this into a fart blog, I inadvertently did just that.

    This is the reason humans…

    We played a secret show at Shimokitazawa disk union the other day. Thank you all for inviting us to your home. It’s only a couple of days until we have another solo show.

    My body’s boiling.

    Resembling the feeling of irritation in the foundations of my soul, I’m shaking with an unbearable desire to throw a beat at the audience, exasperating their hatred.

    Or to put it in other words, “I’ll do my best.

    Ah, look at the time.
    I’ll fart and go to sleep.
    Good night.

    (Attachment: Suneo¹)

    ¹ There’s a hand gesture that a character called Suneo uses in Doraemon. I believe this is pretty close to how you should do it. Chihiro’s version, though it may look similar, has a little twist to it: if you look closely, you’ll see that he’s holding his thumb between his index and middle fingers. This essentially means “fuck you.”


    I was able to take a picture of something like this!
    A pheromone showdown!?
    …is what it came down to! I’m like a doting parent as a manager, e-mailing this all over the place. (^^;)

    Look forward to the magazine ★
    As it features a pheromone showdown!

    Afterwards, we met up with the other members for an interview for “CUT”.
    Where is the nervousness from just now?
    9mm returned to its usual merry self. They’re getting more and more excited. ★

    We have a meeting with te’ tomorrow.
    I wonder what we’re going to talk about…
    …Look forward to it!



    An interview conducted by Kazuya Yoshii for next month’s issue of ROCKIN’ON JAPAN took place. Just who did he interview, you ask? You guessed it: me.

    Ah man, I was nervous. Taking a picture together, as my shoulder brushed Yoshii’s it felt like an electric shock was rippling through my body. I’m serious. The photographer today was this woman of extraordinary good looks called Mari Amita. All in all it was a really memorable day.

    I feel powered-up!
    I’ll keep on doing my best tomorrow.




    Walking past the piles of fallen leaves at the side of the road,
    it feels like autumn’s past us.
    How are all of you as of late?

    With my pinky’s nail cut to the quick, this is Chihiro.

    Ferociously cutting down on my weak nails after taking a bath, this is the result.

    It hurts.
    A lot. Mm-hmm.

    Ever since I was little, I’ve been curious about “numbers.”

    I don’t want to boast, but I have confidence in the number of times I’ve cut my fingernails to the quick. “Just how many more times am I going to cut my nails to the quick?” is but one of the questions I’m curious about.

    Up until now,
    just how many grains of rice I’ve eaten,
    or how many millions of yen I’ve spent,
    or how many times I’ve struck my snare drum,
    or how many pubic hairs I’ve shed, and so on.

    Rather, I don’t want to limit myself just to numbers.
    I want to know about every event there ever was in the world,
    but regretfully my memory capacity just isn’t enough.

    Well, at this point it’s useless to worry about it I suppose.
    Pretty soon it’s already been 10,000 days since I came to be.

    Oh, a nostril hair. I’ll pull it out.
    I pulled out three of ’em even.

    And they’re long, too.

    You guys… I wonder how many came out before you.

    (Attachment: Sazae-san, drawn out of a vague memory by an acquaintance of mine.)


    Yesterday the band played their first ever show in Okinawa♪
    We tried out Okinawa’s delicious food!
    The topmost picture is from an izakaya on the day we arrived… we ate well!

    Also, after the show yesterday we had Okinawa soba!
    Everyone was eating cheerfully.


    『Good afternoon! Bitter melon tea!!』

    Okinawa yesterday was the best. We’re doing a live radio broadcast after this!


    『The day after Termination』

    It’s the first morning after the release of our album.

    Yesterday we drank a load of cheap alcohol in cheerful celebration and went to a certain party on the spur of the moment. We would’ve wanted to play there~

    Some of you might be aware already, but the stores whose pictures we’re uploading, they had crazy exhibits of us. Seriously, it didn’t matter which store we went to. Somehow there were places with our posters everywhere, places nothing but our album jacket going round and round and round, places with several racks where you could give the album a trial listen, places where they’d misspelled the band name as 9mm Para「d」ellum Bullet (gahahaa), you name it! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like, “is this really a place where they sell CD’s!?

    Thank you very much, everyone. Thanks to you, we entered 4th (!!) on the daily chart. I’ll do my best so hard, they’ll write about me in the papers if I die.


    “Termination” on sale now!

    First up, we visited record stores in Chiba!

    Tower Chiba store ↓

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