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    Live right now ♪


    We arrived at Fukuoka and went to meet up with eastern youth.
    We received the energy necessary for tomorrow’s show!

    And thus… ramen!
    We’ll do our best tomorrow!!
    Thank you for your support.


    Hiroshima → Fukuoka
    In the middle of our commute.

    I wonder if it’s because today’s such nice weather or because the scenery during our commute is all mountains… but LUNA SEA is resounding wonderfully inside our car.

    The daifuku we received yesterday as refreshments… it’s surprisingly delicious and it cured our drowsiness as well!

    We’ll be in Fukuoka soon. I wonder just how many cups of ramen 9mm Parabellum Bullet are going to devour today. (lol)

    I’ll report in later.


    Okonomiyaki after the show.


    We’re arrived at Hiroshima!
    We’re having okonomiyaki in order to do our best tomorrow, too!

    Taki’s digging in ↓


    『The Winter Research Project ~The Ecology of Junji Ishiwatari~』

    2nd grade, Class 2
    Chihiro Kamijo

    1. The motive of the research
    Mr. Ishiwatari is cool, so I thought I’d like to know more about what kind of a person he is.
    Thus, I’m going to observe him.

    2. The purpose of the research
    I’ll look at Mr. Ishiwatari’s daily life, try to find all the cool things he’s doing and then steal them for myself. Then I’ll become cool as well.

    3. The methods used in the research
    I’ll observe by eavesdropping on conversations between 9mm something or other blah blah something and Mr. Ishiwatari.

    4. Observation results
    ・ Mr. Ishiwatari is consistently very cool.
    ・ Likes subcultures.
    ・ Stylish.
    ・ Gets in high spirits when 9mm makes sounds of explosion.
    ・ Doesn’t have sexual desires towards chatmonchy.
    ・ Isn’t a homo, however.
    ・ Isn’t gay.
    ・ Ignores me when I say dirty jokes.
    ・ When asked about lyrics, he replied “Kamijo, you really don’t know anything huh?
    ・ Ignored me when I asked him what rock music is.
    ・ Nodded when I asked him if he hates me.
    ・ Generally ignores me.

    5. Final reflections & the challenges I face from now on
    During my observation, I became good friends with Mr. Ishiwatari.
    Thus, I believe I became cool as well.
    I’ll do my best to quickly become more like Mr. Ishiwatari.

    (Attachment: the autograph I got from Junji on his book. …Liar.)

    To Kamijo

    I’ve liked 9mm ever since around Three Out Change¹.

    Junji Ishiwatari

    ¹ Three Out Change is the first album by SUPERCAR, a band Junji was a member of. It came out in 1998 whereas 9mm only formed in 2004.



    This is Taki.

    We’re back after two headlining tours. I feel we were able to play a lot of really good, fun shows. Thank you to everyone who came to see us.

    I’ve started using a new guitar starting this year. It’s really easy to play, sounds good and, most importantly, stays in tune pretty well. It’s awesome. However it seems there was some mistake made when making this guitar when it comes to the color and the overall look — somehow I now have a matching one with Sugawara. Lately it’s fun using the same guitars and harmonizing with the two of us. Yeah, I’m doing harmonizing this year.

    After completing the first stage of recording, lately we finally have time to indulge in our hobbies and relax. I want to make guitar effects and eat delicious food. I was actually making lots of effects before, but last year I lost two or three of them on tour somewhere and since then I completely lost the motivation to make more. They’re the same series as the ones in the picture, so if you happen to find them, you’ll have my eternal gratitude.

    But, because the other day me and Ishige from the telephones made a promise to trade one of each others’ handmade pedals, my motivation’s gradually coming back to me. I think I’ll be making lots.

    But checking the effect I’d planned on giving to Ishige, it’s suddenly stopped making sound.
    What should I do. I’ve completely lost my motivation.

    But, because the other day me and Ishige from the telephones made a promise to trade one of each others’ handmade pedals, my motivation’s gradually coming back to me. I think I’ll be making lots.

    Ishige, you have my eternal gratitude.

    This was Taki.


    The second show of the tour is about to start.


    Lately I’m taking lots of live pictures… but I just can’t seem to capture their performance from up close. With that, today I’ll show you a little bit of their rehearsal.


    At Hokkaido!

    We went to say hello at Tower Records!
    We’re grateful for their large re-exhibit of the album!

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