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  • Archive for "Aug 2010"


    Takuro and Mt. Fuji!


    「It’s Laguna Beach」

    We arrived at Gamagoori in the evening and made some noise at the venue of TREASURE that’s still under construction at the moment. 9mm performs at 19 o’clock when it’ll be completely dark so I think it’ll be pleasant, but it seems there’s not many places where you can escape the sunlight during daytime. Since I think the people who are coming there in the evening only to see us are an extreme minority, it’s best to prepare a parasol or a big towel. There’s some awesome scenery. There’s blue skies and a beach for as far as you can see. There’s also a ferris wheel in the nearby amusement park-like place which I think would give a great view of the venue. Only, I don’t think you could hear the music at all. (laughs) Also, I heard that you can use the nearby pool inexpensively if you show your wristband, so going there might be a good idea for people who’ve gotten sick of the heat. Mmm, I’ve now started sounding like a tour guide for the festival so I’ll stop here. (laughs) With that, see you at the venue.

    Pictured here is a ferris wheel we saw from the backyard.
    The picture is the wrong way, though. (laughs)


    「Long time, no talk」

    Thank you to everyone who watched our show today. Playing with the HIATUS is always fun. Today’s was of course a regular show, so I’m glad we got to watch them play for such a long time. We’ll immediately have another one this week: we’re playing at a festival in Nagoya called TREASURE. To those of you coming on that day, let’s have fun. We’re playing last, by the way. Hope to see you there. Even though we’re getting close to the end of summer according to the calendar, it still continues to be hot. I think we’ll have the announcement of who’s playing with us on 9/9 soon. Look forward to it. I hope the authorized people already in the know won’t say it on twitter or something (I don’t really know about the structure of the organization).

    Now then. For some reason or other, 9mm’s doing songwriting in between preparations for our upcoming shows. It doesn’t seem like summer’s ending before 9/9. That’s about it. Later.


    They had some trouble today, but it was a good show!


    I don’t need stars and stuff anymore!

    Is what he says.
    We’re at Rising Sun!


    Blowing in the wind…
    Taki, singing to his own accompaniment.


    9mm, recording audio commentary today as well.
    Huh? There’s one missing…

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