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    Finally this week!! Exactly a month before our DVD release, we’re appearing at cameraman Rui Hashimoto’s event.

    There couldn’t possibly be any 9mm listeners who don’t know the man. Well, I guess it’s possible, so I’ll just say it. The artist picture above!! Rui is the one who took it!! Same goes for the top picture on our homepage. He’s a man you can see at many artists’ shows, clinging to the front of the stage.

    It’s been some time since we even played live to begin with, so we’ll be fired up. Ah, and I reckon there might be people coming there after their university or high school graduation ceremonies, huh. Wait, so that means our next show is going to be in March. At this rate, 2009 is going to be over in no time. Crap, I have to live more fulfillingly.

    The T-shirt for the event is really cool. I saw Rui wearing it yesterday, so you can depend on it.
    It’s going to be a great night.

    no title

    「Don’t let your peace of mind come back to bite you in the ass」

    I bought some tall CD racks. They’re over two meters high and as I’m 180cm, that makes them even taller than me. Even though I just arranged them the same way as in iTunes and I don’t even feel I own that many CD’s, it took me a day and a half.

    This is one of the CD’s that had me troubled as to where exactly I should put it.

    The soundtrack for “Kindaichi Kousuke no Bouken”.
    I solved this dilemma by making a separate corner for compilations.

    But then I also have that one Uri Geller CD…
    This kind of thing made the process take as long as it did (I put it next to Kindaichi, by the way).

    These racks, too, will eventually get full, huh. There is, after all, no doubt whatsoever that my collection will continue to grow. I’m still alright as I don’t own that much vinyl, but the fact that I’ll be a music lover for the rest of my life is going to prove problematic.



    …is maybe saying too much, but we’ve changed the top picture over at our homepage. Also, we’ve finally revealed the cover of “act I”. It’s one that’s full of disdain, right? It’s cool~. It doesn’t really reveal much about the contents of the DVD. Such as, the scene with me doing a huge mess-up due to sweaty hands and ruining the atmosphere for a while. Actually, rather than our music, I think it’ll give you insight about us as a band.

    The people who haven’t seen us play live of course, as well as the people who’ve seen us a number of times, I’d like everyone to see it.

    Look forward to April 1st.
    Free live!!


    「Big Air」

    The venue wasn’t a ski area…! I had a lot of thoughts about our show amidst snow (such as “it’s cold” or “it’s freezing“), but for now I just feel exhausted. I’m just glad this event for youngsters ended safely! I had fun performing, too.

    Last year we went to Hokkaido thrice (playing four shows).
    I wonder how many it’ll be this year~.

    Thanks to everyone who watched us play.
    With that, later!


    We arrived at Hokkaido yesterday and went for dinner.
    We were served this meal with a big-catch flag!

    We’re hoping for your support today as well.


    「Big Air」

    We’ve arrived to a snowy Sapporo. Since I was born in a snowy area, I was thinking I’d be completely fine, but… thinking about it now, we’ll have to perform out here , right? Nhahahaha. I’m also looking forward to seeing ski slopes and stuff for the first time in quite a while. There’s just one thing I’m worried about: I hope my guitar doesn’t freeze and get all fractured.

    I’ll be careful to not catch a cold.


    「act I」

    We just had the final check of our DVD. There’s a lot of material included, if I may say so myself. If you have to watch both discs in a row, you’ll be thinking just after the first show if maybe you should’ve included a  condition that you can have at least 5 minute breaks. However, the content is great. There’s no doubt about that. I think they’ll probably be showing what the DVD cover looks like before long, too. Look forward to that as well~.


    「Aba Gian Night」

    The return of DAINOJI ROCK FESTIVAL 4 13DAYS(!), Shibuya Yaneura.

    It was crazy fun. It’s been around two years since we last even played at Shibuya Yaneura. Seeing the band before us put on a show that left the audience just about floating in the air, our own show made us a little nervous. Moreover, there were moments during our show when I thought “Huh? Is that Kazu who stinks? Argh, I guess it’d be no good if I just left the stage right now“, but we managed to end it safely. It’s a cellar right in the center of Shibuya, so it wouldn’t be weird for anything to be seeping out. I’m glad we managed to finish without incident. After getting off stage we were just fluttering about backstage, happy from being told our show was awesome. Thanks to that, we were in great mood afterwards, just laughing the night away. Dienoji, all the staff and all the comedians and comediennes, thank you. Let’s work together again. DRF still continues, so please head on over all the way through until the final day. With that, later.



    A friend from Fukuoka sent me some mentaiko. It’s ridiculously delicious and goes well with rice. My stomach’s full. As I thought, mentaiko might really originate from Fukuoka. Actually, it somehow feels like it came from another continent.

    Anyway, someone sure did good, coming up with the idea of actually eating this. You’d think someone trying tarako was already adventurous enough. If you look at food carefully, a lot of it is just really strange looking. As I continue to munch on my food here, I send my heart out to the people of olden days who were all culinary challengers.


    「I’ll try not to forget anymore」

    The day after our tour finale, when all we had left to do was to return home, I was tormented by a mysterious, awful physical condition. My head hurt and no matter what I did, I felt sick. What on earth was wrong with me!? Cold? Could I have caught a cold this far along the road? As I thought about the previous night while sitting in our shaking tour bus for 30 minutes, I solved the mystery.

    I was simply hungover.

    What the hell. During my alcohol abstaining lifestyle during the tour, I’d completely forgotten about hangovers. “So that this doesn’t happen again, I’ll have to drink on our next tour…!” is what I find myself thinking.

    ※ Though the people pictured here look worn out, they’re all happy.
    Cameraman Rui is also in the shot.

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