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    「At the studio」

    Scribbling down notes on new songs, working on arrangements, etc.
    It’s another cold day in Tokyo.


    「A business meeting with several gentlemen!」

    The other day we had a meeting with HERE, the organizers of the upcoming show on 3/8 at the LOFT… well, I say that, but in reality it turned into a drinking party~!

    Everyone grew a lot closer to each other that day! Just how will this groove manifest itself on 3/8!? I’m looking forward to it.

    And as for the EMI ROCKS special collaboration of Kazuya Yoshii × 9mm Parabellum Bullet held at Saitama Super Arena on 2/19! Today we had a business meeting… err… drinking party for that, too! It was 9mm’s first time heavily drinking with Yoshii. It got loud in there!!

    As for what is going to happen during the special collaboration… it’s no joke. Look forward to it, everyone~!

    It might be that 9mm Parabellum Bullet comes up with better ideas at business meetings if they’re drinking. (laughs) Well, it’s not like they’re drinking every time. These two just happened by chance.

    Now then!
    Starting February, we’ll be playing more and more shows!!


    「A winter of ambition」

    Lately I hear it at least once every couple of days. “We’ve entered the coldest time of the winter now.” Sure is an ambitious winter. Pretty soon it’ll have been a week since our show with People In The Box. It feels like we got a great reaction at the event. It happens a lot of the time, but everyone’s going “we should start doing this more often!” As I say “thanks to everyone who came, let’s make noise again next year!“, the demons around me burst into great laughter — though unfortunately for them, they’ll be driven out with beans next week.¹

    We were mixing a certain song in the recording studio today. We’re working while getting all giddy listening to the sound coming out of the speakers. I want to have you all see and hear this soon. Look forward to it.

    Visiting the CD shop, I noticed that the cro-magnons’ new release has come out. TAIJI at THE BONNET, too. Also, it seems ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s best-of album ranked number one on the Oricon charts. It feels really good when a cool rock band’s CD sells like hot cakes. We, too, will fix our postures and create songs even crazier than before. Ones that simply won’t allow you to sit still when you listen to them.

    (Picking up where we left off the other day, tomorrow we’re planning on having another meeting with certain people from HERE. No one wrote about it on the blog, but we were creating our battle strategy together. This was on the night when even Tokyo had some snow accumulate.)

    ¹ A reference to a setsubun tradition.


    9mm Parabellum Bullet is featured on the cover of the O group monthly schedule pamphlet “smack!” that goes into distribution 1/25. It’s a pretty cool picture, too~! Definitely check it out!

    Lastly, here’s an off-shot I managed to get!!



    ECLODEVICE is a brand started together by me and dop from Lessthan*. If you see 9mm on a magazine or somewhere and think “those clothes sure look cool“, there’s a high possibility that it’s Lessthan. At our shows, it’s 100%.

    Now then. Lessthan* is a cool, rock fashion brand that will also take part in the Tokyo Collection. However, the partner to ECLO’s dop is me, an amateur. Up until now, I’ve taken the approach of taking it easy and if I happen to come up with a fun idea, I go “let’s make it happen.” This year, we’re going “Let’s increase our activities! Without changing our way of doing things!” So, we’ve created a website to begin with.

    Right now there’s just a countdown ticking there (it actually started at the end of the year), but at this point there’s only two days’ worth left. The mystery will be solved on January 9th. (laughs) Is it going to be perhaps the announcement of our first item on sale…? I wonder…? Mmm, maybe I’m making it too obvious… fufufufufu

    Both those of you who like fashion and those who do not, I hear you’re both weak against countdowns (the hell?), so please check it out~.


    「2012 start」

    Once again: Happy New Year.

    For my New Year’s promises, I could pretty much just reprint the entire last blog by Kazuhiko. To those feeling a little forgetful due to New Years, please do check it again. I feel strongly about my decision of wanting to be even more riotous. I wanna take you higher, everyone. I ask you, I beg of you: let’s do this.

    As for 9mm in 2012, although we were supposedly thinking “we spent all of last year touring, so this year we should just take it easy and write songs……” and whatnot, but before realizing it we’re just announcing more and more shows. (laughs) We’ll be fully operational like always.

    For now I think I’ll just put up our live schedule until March. It’ll be longer than usual, so take your time.

    1/21 (Sat) Akasaka BLITZ
    w) People In The Box

    First show of the year (officially… though we did play on New Years). Above all else, I’m looking forward to our first proper showdown in a while playing alongside People. I think those among our fans who have yet to experience People will be knocked out of their wits, so aside from listening to their CD’s, please do come in completely unprepared. (laughs)

    1/31 (Tue) Hachioji Match Vox

    The return of the MMT 2011 extra edition. For details, please refer to the letter of challenge and our response to it. Of course, 9mm will be batting second like on the tour. We’ll just have to do it.

    2/11 (Sat) Yokohama Arena
    Version 21.1 fourth

    We were invited to do this event arranged by the threesome of the telephones, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE and sakanaction. A gathering of bands from the same generation. When we played with THE BAWDIES at CDJ, we were talking about how we’ll have to go crazy since we were both invited to perform. I’m also happy about getting to see OGRE play live again.

    2/19 (Sun) Saitama Super Arena
    EMI ROCKS 2012

    EMI’s ROCK event. It ought to be dazzling this time around as well. We’ll be announcing more details on this later.

    2/26 (Sun) Makuhari Messe

    A tremendous honor. I think there’s going to be lots of instances of me going “ah man, to think I’m able to see this band play at Makuhari Messe!

    2/29 (Wed) Shibuya O-nest
    nest 15th Anniversary with 9mm~
    w) Meaning/SuiseiNoboAz

    Moving on to O-nest in February after the three consecutive mass meetings. Anniversary with 9mm. I think this’ll be a super hot one. Leap year live!

    3/08 (Thu) Shinjuku LOFT

    Playing alongside HERE. Before the actual show, we’re actually planning on meeting up for dinner and devising strategies for it (laughs). So, I ask that you look forward to it. It’s gonna be no-nonsense~. Hajimetal might be there, too.

    3/22 (Thu) Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS
    3/23 (Fri) Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO

    We were summoned to join BOOM BOOM SATELLITES’ tour featuring other bands. They previously played on 9mm Day, but this time it’s the other way around. How will BOOM BOOM’s audience react to 9mm? More than anything, I’m happy I’ll get to see them perform on two nights in a row. I’m looking forward to it.

    Phew! That was long! That must’ve been hell for the Twitter-inclined. Thanks for keeping me company.

    And like that, we’ll be plunging onwards towards March. We’re planning on getting started with songwriting from the start of the year. The shows have lots of variety in venue capacities and other bands on the bill. You and us, let’s all get tougher. Let’s go at it with even more gusto than before.

    With that, we’ll be hoping for your support this year, too!!


    『Bring it on, 2012』

    Happy New Year. Hello, I’m Kazuhiko Nakamura.

    With 2011 starting with the recording of Movement and ending in touring, it was a year full of “Movement”. A lot of things happened. I definitely want to make this year a better one. I want to cheer everyone up more. I want to live more fully. I want to be even more riotous! Let’s do this!

    In the picture are the long-sleeve shirts I was wearing on the MM tour. I tried lining them up at the beginning of my laundry session. They’re null-bodies with DRONE prints. Especially the bottom three are my favorites. I’ll be intensively wearing them this year as well.

    With that, please give us your support again this year! This was Kazu.

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