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  • Archive for "Sep 2009"


    Yoshimitsu Taki completed his part-time work.

    He’s working hard!

    He also properly did the behind-the-scenes work.


    Chihiro Kamijo completed his part-time work.

    You don’t often see Chihiro wearing an apron, but his part-time work started safely.

    As expected, black suits him well.


    The members of 9mm went and did part-time work at various record stores today.

    To everyone who came, to all the customers we could hand a gold sticker out to.
    To everyone who weren’t able to come but sent their encouragements.
    To everyone who happily let the band do part-time work in their stores.

    Thank you very much.

    Now then, I’ll be showing you the circumstances of the members’ part-time jobs after this.


    「Cold Edge e.p. on sale」

    It’s already lined up on the shelves. Ahh, feeling excited. As announced some time before, the members will be making appearances at CD shops. Look forward to finding out who’s going where. Furthermore, if we see someone taking pictures of the band members and attempting to send them forward, we’ll call that person out (while smiling) and take their cellphone under inspection. After taking a picture together, we’ll erase all the data and if it’s a foldable model, we’ll force it open in the opposite direction, and if it’s the straight type or a digital camera, we’ll take out the battery and replace it with jelly strips or bean paste (we’re going to ask which they prefer). After further customizing it with a sticker kit, we’ll put it inside the plastic bags of all the record stores before returning it to them (we’ll keep that smile going throughout all this. The receipt will be inside the bag. (laughs)).

    With that, see you at the stores. (laughs) Later~.


    「The end of 9mm Month」

    Since the last update, we performed at SCHOOL OF ROCK’s Zankyo Matsuri and SKULL MANIA, both of them nostalgic events for us. Since we’ve been in such a hurry, it’s already the end of the month huh (I say that kind of a thing a lot in my blogs, huh. Makes you think just how spaced out I am all the time). We didn’t even update the blog much. But you know, I actually got a digital camera this summer —  a birthday present from the 9mm team — and I wanna upload the pictures I take on it but I don’t really understand how~ (laughs) Also, my Mac Book won’t connect to the internet, even though my Air does just fine… I wonder why? Ah well, I’m sure these will be just long gone memories of the summer soon enough (wishful thinking).

    PS. The number of DEKAVITAs consumed before the CD’s release has more than doubled. Engineer K’s blood has turned into carbonic acid.

    Pears. They sure are delicious, huh.
    With that, later.


    「One After 999」

    Not just one but four days have passed. 999 ended safely (well, I imagine some of you may well think too much happened to say it ended “safely“, but anyway). To the many people in the audience, to the many staff members, to everyone who was at the venue, thank you very much. I’m full of gratitude.

    After the show, we spent the 10th choosing what we’d include on “Cold Edge e.p.” and began mixing, and by the evening of the 11th the mastering was complete. During that time, engineer K drank seven bottles of DEKAVITA alone! Releases with the A-side song + a live track have become quite common for us these past two years (distributing the audio of the very show that the audience just attended is something we’ve done now, but I mean actual packaged CD’s), but I don’t think we’ve ever worked this fast before. The studio recording was done in mid-August and the live audio was recorded, needless to say, on September 9th. It’s not like we we’re thinking “we should do this even quicker!” or “we should make this even longer!” though. I think it’s becoming another fun CD. Those who couldn’t come and see us at Budokan are a given, but also those who did come and are thus already in possession of “Cold Edge”, definitely do get yours. It’s released on September 30th.

    Let’s see. The other day, Kamijo wrote a blog on his signature sticks going on sale, but this time the stringed instrument team will also be releasing guitars and basses. Please see the details on ESP’s website. It feels like a dream, being listed right there next to Metallica on the web. By the way, Taki and Kazuhiko were delivered theirs last-minute on the day of Budokan. They’re the same models that will be on sale as well, and they used them during the show. I don’t have a price to give you right now, but I hope all the guitar kids will be happy.

    With the arrival of autumn, 9mm is also entering into songwriting season. Japanese pears sure are delicious, huh. With that, later.

    no title

    Thank you!



    It’s 9AM! Wahahaha.
    It’s finally morning, huh.
    Wait for us, Nippon Budokan.
    See you soon.
    With that, later.



    It’s been a week since the summer festival season ended. Even if I try to remember them, my memories are all hazy. Most of the time it felt like I was in a dream. But, once I get on stage tomorrow, I think that feeling will pass. Until the show starts, I want to survey how the atmosphere inside the venue builds up. I want to see what kind of expressions everyone has as they wait (well, the expressions will probably change when the SE starts playing, so in the end I won’t I won’t be able to see them all the way through).

    Only 30 minutes until 9mm Day. Are you ready, everyone? I’m itching to play. With that, later.



    Getting careless, I noticed there’s only two days to go. We made some last-minute changes to the arrangements and such at the final rehearsal. The typhoon seems to have passed, too. I’m excited. Really, really excited.

    I’m attaching a bigger picture of budokan. You’re thinking “…really?” or something, aren’t you? The idea for it didn’t come from the band. (laughs) But, we did say OK to it, so we’re complicit to the crime as well. We’ll accept any slander you might have. (laughs) Nhahahaha~.

    Also, in the previous picture, I’m wearing a 999 T-shirt. There’s going to be lots of other items, too, so look forward to that. With that, later~.

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