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    It’s their first Tokyo show in a while.
    It was way hot and we’re way happy.

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    Taki’s hometown, Ibaraki!
    It’s a hot show today, too!

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    Arriving at Taki’s house, we’re relaxing by the kotatsu!
    We’re hoping for your support tomorrow as well!

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    Today it’s Takuro’s hometown of Yamagata!
    A hot show is unfolding!

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    Kazuhiko’s hometown, Sendai! A hot show is unfolding in front of our eyes!!

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    「It’s snowing」

    It’s snowing in Sendai. It was snowing yesterday, too, but it stopped around midnight which gave me a short-lived peace of mind. If it keeps snowing through the night, it might start piling up.

    …as I was writing that, it stopped again. We’re already at the venue today. To those of you coming to Junk, see you later.

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    The Akita show is over!
    Thank you to everyone who came.

    Next up is Sendai.
    It’s Kazuhiko Nakamura’s hometown!
    We’re hoping for your support.

    Now then. 9mm who are in the midst of their tour that’s garnering them rave reviews. There’s lots of new places they’re going this time, too. With feelings of both nervousness and excitement, they’re bustling about over Japan to get to share the room with everyone. Therefore, to make it a wonderful day for both parties, there’s something you need to understand. I thought I’d make use of the blog to get this out there.

    You’re free to enjoy the show how you like. Whether it’s watching in the front or from the back, jumping or staring, we’re happy to have you in the same room enjoying the show in your own way. Above all, the band themselves enjoy seeing that.

    Nevertheless, they are performers and artists.
    Their instruments are an important part of what lets them show you to a fun time.
    It’s very regretful to see anything that obstructs their way of their expression.

    I ask that you please understand the following. As to not obstruct their performance, please do not touch their instruments. It disables them from delivering those same feelings to the people having fun in the back, as well as making the band unhappy.

    Do not touch the guitars or basses, and refrain especially from grabbing the instruments’ necks, please.

    Thank you.

    From the manager of 9mm Parabellum Bullet

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    The samples of the USB we announced the other day are here!

    The front is pink, the back is blue.

    Once you unplug the “mm”, you reveal the USB! It’s quite a nice item so definitely do get yours, please. Everyone seems to be quite confused as it’s an unprecedented item, so let me provide some supplementary information.

    The “1st USB”… is something you can reserve at record shops just like CD’s!
    However, 9mm isn’t releasing a normal CD version of this!
    It’s quite a cool looking package, so look forward to it!

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    We’ve arrived safely at Akita!
    We’re hoping for your support tomorrow!

    Pictured here is Chihiro sitting on a golden chair!

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    「Closing shop clearance sale」

    We’ve arrived at Morioka. I spent the evening walking about quite lot, randomly coming across this record shop that was just about to be closing shop. They thus had a big sale going on, so I instinctively walked in. It must’ve been a well-established record shop as there were for some reason cameras from the TV station doing a piece on it. So, my stupid hair, frantically picking out CD’s, might be broadcasted in living rooms across Iwate. If by any chance that was to happen, just think of it being like that episode of Top Runner we did the other week. (laughs) It’s too bad I didn’t get asked for a comment. Maybe it’s because I’m an outsider, I don’t know. Or maybe it’s because of the bad impression I gave with me wearing sneakers barefoot (I was actually only just supposed to go to the convenience store).

    Now then, joining us in Morioka are Northern19. It’s our first time properly playing together, even though we’ve met them several times. We’ll go at it with all we’ve got. See you at CHANGE WAVE. With that, later.

    Back to Top | Comments Off on 2010/02/15*Takuro
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