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    no title

    Jungyou over」

    Just as we got that over with, we already performed at an event called “SOSISOAI” held at Akasaka BLITZ. I think you’ll get this if you read through this entire post, but it was something arranged by Junji Ishiwatari. With quite an unusual set of bands like moja, FLiP and LEO Imai performing with us, that was interesting.

    Seeing LEO for the first time in a while, he was so cool I didn’t know what to do. But, 9mm had a good performance as well. It feels like the album tracks translated well, too. I had people telling me the same thing at the wrap-up party just now. That’s good, that’s good.

    Now then. Just as I might’ve started thinking I get to take a breather, we have a show again on the 24th at Shinkiba with 65daysofstatic and Straightener. It’s tough, but performing is awesome, you know. I’m excited. So, I’ll see you at Shinkiba.

    However. I didn’t get to drink with Junji enough so I’ll have to wait for another time to do that.

    That’s all I was going to post, but I see now that the date just changed. So that brings me to my next point: 9mm was at Shinkiba COAST on the 22th, too. The secret SOUND SHOOTER vol.5 was a huge success. Ahh, that was fun. Thank you, Rui. We did it, huh. Nfufufu.


    Inochi no Zenmai Daijungyou
    Thank you very much.


    Finale! Hamamatsu!


    「Concerning Hamamatsu Madowaku」

    This’ll be the third time we’re playing a tour finale at Hamamatsu. I wonder how many times we’ve played in Madowaku. This may be the third time, if you count the time ELLE brought us along with them. Due to their move, Madowaku will be opening in a new location. Thank you to all the staff of the venue.

    Looks like it’s going to be another hot finale. Inochi no Zenmai Daijungyou was another long one, but now there’s only one show left. Once you start playing, just thinking about how the show and the tour are going to end make you think it’s such a waste. Today, too, we’ll be having a lot of fun. Although there was also at times this feeling that this tour was a struggle, that’s nothing new. It’s always been that way. However, that feeling of standing up on stage and performing being fun, that it’s the best, that’s something that never changes. That’s what I always think.

    Looks like the day’s breaking.
    With that, see you at Madowaku.


    「About Takamatsu」

    On the night 9mm and telephones were playing in Takamatsu, POLYSICS were meanwhile playing at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

    While eating udon in the backstage of OLIVE HALL, we were reminiscing about how each time we came to Shikoku on tour, we’d always play with POLY. It’s too bad I couldn’t go see them. The tour has its unfortunate downsides like that, too. Well, at least Hayashi told me they’re making it into a DVD(!) and besides, I can look forward to the next time we tour together.

    The date has changed to the 18th. The finale is here.



    The Tottori show is over. Hamamatsu is all that remains.
    I’m happy we have the telephones to head over with us.
    This is all for tonight for the time being. Talk to you tomorrow.


    Semi-finale already!
    Tottori is way hot as well!


    Supplement for Takuro’s blog.
    These items are on sale for a limited time.
    We’ll still make them available in Nagoya and Tokyo again, so look forward to that!

    Nagoya Meitetsu, Young-kan 1st floor
    LESSTHAN-produced select T-shirt shop “selecT”
    2010/3/10 (Wed) ~ 16 (Tue)

    With LESSTHAN* originals and collection brands, collaborations with artists, outfits, etc.
    It’s a select shop with various T-shirts.
    It’s the number one select T-shirt shop focusing on popular brands’ limited items, etc.


    「We’ve arrived at Kouchi」

    I was surprised when there was snow in Kyushu, but it turns out there’s a cold wave going over all of Japan. It seems Aomori and Sapporo made new records in the amount it snowed. I have to be thankful for the fact that we weren’t affected by it because of our nice tour schedule.

    9mm and BAWDIES have entered Shikoku and today we’re playing in Kouchi. Our first time in 3 years playing at X-POINT. BAWDIES are in rehearsal right now. It’s too bad we have to already go our separate ways even though we got quite close through partying together so much. (Even though we partied together so much in Oita.¹) I’m sure they’ll put on another awesome performance of groovy rock tonight. I think we, too, will continue doing our hard-hitting shows.

    By the way, it seems our LESSTHAN-produced limited time shop has  T-shirts worn by 9mm live and polo shirts worn by Taki, lined up at the front. The person in the photo is wearing something with a printed rose full of impact. I like how it doesn’t have the usual aesthetic appeal found in rose motifs. The sneakers are ECLODEVICE ones I use live. Maybe I should make the laces black, too.

    Now then. I’m ready to rock tonight.

    ¹ A kanji pun that doesn’t translate well into English.


    First show in Saga!
    It’s hot!

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