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  • Archive for "Jun 2008"


    Taki’s stored away under the seat.


    The opening night of Nipponia Nippon ended without incident.

    Tomorrow it’s Osaka!
    We’re hoping for your support.


    The opening night of Nipponia Nippon has ended safely! Everyone from Nagoya, thank you! It’s raining heavily right now after the show… please be careful not to catch a cold or such.

    We’ll be back~!


    「Nipponia Nippon」

    Our tour with Rin Toshite Shigure is finally starting tomorrow!!
    Can’t wait! See you there, everyone!


    「Very cutie」

    Good evening. It was already summer today. In Tokyo, I mean. I wonder if it might get just a bit more warm. It’d be nice if the rainy season passed already, though.

    Now then. The other day I answered a certain magazine’s questionnaire, the subject of which was summer festivals. One of the questions was “Who’s an artist you’d like to see live?” There’s no way I’ll get to see all of them as I just wrote like 20 different names, but I later realized I forgot to write one, so I’ll just post about them here.

    Death Cab For Cutie, who are performing at Summer Sonic. The band name has both Death and Cutie coexisting nicely. “Death” and “cutie” (as in good-looking girl, so something like the Kano sisters maybe) are both at peace within the same sentence. I wonder why it has such impact. Also, people don’t really call them “Cutie” but rather mostly abbreviate their name as “Death Cab”, but I think I’d like to try calling them by their full name here just once. Death Cab For Cutie. The last time I said “cutie” was last year in October when I was giving an interview for the music section of this magazine called “CUTIE”. That surprised me. (It seems the previous issue had Yura Yura Teikoku featured on those same pages.) Before that, the last time must’ve been “Huh? Satoeri‘s starring in Cutie Honey!?” That surprised me, too. See, I really don’t use that word much. I wonder how often others normally use it. I think at least the editorial department at “CUTIE” must use it on a daily basis……… I’m getting off-topic.

    Yes. As to why I’m looking forward to Death Cab For Cutie, when I went to Summer Sonic several years before (the year Oasis was headlining), they played a ridiculously awesome show. I definitely want to see them again. I must. That’s what I forgot to write. Or even if we leave that aside, their new album is wonderful! 9mm is also appearing at Summer Sonic (thanks to all of you) so I’m really looking forward to it! “So, the only thing left is to just go watch them play” is what I thought, but…? The days we perform…! They’re different…… (cry)


    「I’m telling you, I’m not fatigued!」

    Oh dear, it’s already the end of the month. It’s only been a while since our show at AX. The earth has started rotating quicker, and moreover the flow of time has gotten faster. That’s our theory anyway. Its credibility is getting increasingly higher.

    Our battle tour is right about to commence, after that we have all the summer festival shows lined up and — what feels much like homework during the summer holidays — we also have recording to do shortly before that. There’s no option but to get it over with.

    When this rainy season ends, it’ll be summer.
    I won’t get fatigued this year.

    ※ The right answer for the quiz was “Junji and Taki”.


    「In case you didn’t get it」

    The previous two posts have different captions, but I used the same picture on purpose.
    I wonder which one of the captions is correct.


    We’re doing two more songs today. Bringing up the pace!
    Pictured here are producer Junji and Taki, checking the sound of my guitar.


    We’re working in high spirits as always.
    Pictured here are me and Taki, checking the sound of Kamijo’s drums.


    Starting today, our studio work begins.
    A tower of meals!

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