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  • Archive for "Aug 2012"


    「La.mama today and tomorrow」

    Well, I was there just to watch today though. mudy and HERE were playing. I was only able to catch the last song from HERE so once we got there, the venue was already all fired up. (laughs)

    You’d think mudy are at a turning point right now, but everyone was looking pretty relaxed and they put on a really refreshing show. Those MC’s, too… mmm, I do feel that Kiriyama’s irreplaceable. Still, I suppose “life goes on” no matter what. For 9mm, we have three shows this week. Four for me because I’m making a guest appearance for Hatsukoi no Arashi. To start off, I’ll be looking forward to playing La.mama again for the first time in a while.

    Also, tomorrow is the official release date for MTV Unplugged. And the scorebook for Movement goes on sale, too! We really kept all you kids waiting! Taking a year to release this, we were worried we must’ve really caused all your learning-by-the-ear abilities to develop (which isn’t a bad thing), but with this you’ll have no problem! We don’t mind if you just split up the cash among the guys in your band to buy it! We hope you have fun with it.

    Finally, the DVD is completely a limited edition kind of thing. Thus, in order to not feel troubled later on when you start wanting it, I recommend getting it as soon as possible. (laughs)



    Or pre-pro for short. To explain it briefly, it basically means a rehearsal recording. You record something as a test, trying out this and that. It’s like training for the actual recording session so it’ll progress smoothly and you don’t put in too much unnecessary stuff (or alternatively, so you can put in more unnecessary stuff.)

    So while it sounds like I’m this huge professional when I go “yeah, we were doing pre-production today“, that’s really all it is. Just showing off.

    So yeah, we were doing pre-production yesterday and today. We went through about four songs. We’re not out of the woods yet, but they’re all sounding cool. There’s no single yet and even the MTV Unplugged show is only released next week, but the band keeps pressing on.


    「That’s quite enough already」

    …is what I think as the cicadas still keep on singing. Does it bother you guys, too? Aren’t you beginning to feel that enough is enough?

    Right after the last post, our upcoming single got announced. With a full four songs included, please do look forward to it. They’re songs we’ve been doing live this summer.

    Just the other day at Liquid we played the title song “Heart ni Hi wo Tsukete” as well as the song “Scream For The Future”. This one’s quite an intense, short tune and quite 9mm-like. There’s a part in the lyrics that goes “a love song of the future~” and as people who were at the venue know, during the encore there was a certain happening which that piece of lyric corresponded with, so I thought that was a pretty nice song selection on our part. (laughs) Well, it was thanks to that happening that everyone forgot the lyrics to the song though. (laughs) You never know what’s going to happen live. Makes it fun, right?

    Finally, congratulations again to Ebisu LIQUIDROOM for their 8th anniversary. We definitely want to play again with my name is… and Mariko Goto.

    9mm will be busy with songwriting tomorrow.


    「I have a premonition」

    Following our campus festival tour with THE BAWDIES, the EAST COAST TOUR 2012 (this one’s just us) has also been announced. Guys, don’t you just feel like there’s going to be some further announcement from 9mm? Because I do. It feels like it might be about something that’s happening in the fall. What on earth could it be? Let’s look forward to it.

    By the way, the cicadas have now started singing in Tokyo as well.


    「On-air on Ust」

    We’re in Hitachinaka for tomorrow’s ROCK IN JAPAN. They’re airing the MTV Unplugged thing on Ust right now, so check that out. From this week onwards it’s going to be a weekly thing and this week it’s just me featured on it. Anyway, go and check it out!

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