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    「The night before EDGE OF CHAOS」

    We’ll be appearing at WRENCH’s event tomorrow at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. With Arakajime Kimerareta Koibitotachi e and 9mm, I think it’s going to be a night really worth seeing. Most of all, I’m looking forward to seeing WRENCH’s show.


    The limited edition T-shirts for December 21st at Shinkiba COAST are complete!
    I had the members wear them, took pictures and put them up at the store!



    「Songwriting-lodging together and a secret recording」

    It seems some people already know from Kazuhiko’s and the staff’s twitters. Last week, we headed out to lodge together to get some songwriting done. We came back the day before yesterday. The lodging this time was really productive, so much so that there were many songs born that I’d already want to let you hear. Regretfully the vocal parts and lyrics aren’t done yet though, so you’ll have to wait for a while longer. However, there’s already a sound no one but 9mm could produce. We plan on commencing recordings once the new year begins and we head into 2011, but it’s possible we might play them live earlier than that. At any rate, I just want people to hear them soon. We’re still undecided, though.

    Also, we did some secret recording work at the beginning of the week. I wrote the lyrics for it during our lodging. As to when it’s completed and when you get to hear it, I think the details will be announced on the website sooner or later.

    With that, later.


    School festival finale!


    「In Saitama Super Arena」

    FIRE BALL are playing right now. They’re really cool. It’s a party! We’re gonna have fun.

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    • Daniel: “well, yeah, it is pretty good. sometimes i wish they would ‘stretch out’ a little more, if you know what…Sep 4, 21:45
    • Daniel: “ha! that’s a good one!Sep 4, 21:41
    • Henkka: “Let me know what you thought. :)Jul 20, 03:30
  • 9mm Parabellum Bullet releases from CDJapan