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    『I can’t eat anymore soba

    Writing to you just as everyone’s getting all hyped before the year changes! We feel indebted to you all for your kindness this year! So much happened, I can’t write any of it down.

    We’re going all out next year as well! Have a good New Year!!



    The last show of the year is over.
    We hope for your continued assistance next year.

    ↓ The memories of COUNTDOWN JAPAN 07/08 in Osaka

    Backstage, right after the show ↑

    Commemorative picture at the shinkansen platform with Chatmonchy’s Akko ↑



    The show at Makuhari has ended safely!
    Thank you very much to everyone who attended.

    The 9T limited yellow edition is also sold-out!
    Thank you.

    On the 31st it’s Osaka ★
    Look forward to it…

    ↓ The memories of COUNTDOWN JAPAN 0708 in Makuhari


    『An instrument is a mirror reflecting its player’s nature.』

    It’s been around 2007 years since The Three Wise Men from the east struggled as they made their way into Bethlehem. The city’s full of illumination. Christmas is near.

    Having been told at fortune-telling that my lucky item of the day is “pigs’ feet”, this is Chihiro. That’s terrible.

    Thank you for attending our tour. During our tour I received several fan letters and I find that recently it seems girls really like dirty jokes — the letters are full of everyone asking me to write more. Now, about that…

    Even though I do try and keep a sense of style as I write about vulgar stuff, all I get is a bunch of “that’s no good” from my manager. As a result, I have to choose different, more half-hearted words to express what I want to say. “Pervert“, “too lewd” and “you’re the worst” are just some of the words of abuse from that person whom I properly hear out with respect. It’s not like I don’t understand the feelings of the people who say those things to me. However… it’s apparent they just don’t know “the real thing.

    At the end of the day, I’m nothing more than just “a normal person trying to act like a pervert.” I wholly acknowledge and agree that my skills as a pervert are pathetic. See, the real perverts are really, really, really, really perverted. A “frivolous pervert” like me is completely useless. It appears that they detest witty, foolish people like me. I’m not too sure they’ll let it slide when someone like me is seen as being one of “them.” Observing the world from up above, I wonder just what it is that they’re doing in preparation of my ruin.

    I tried writing in all seriousness for a change. It’s no good to just be thinking about music and perverted things all the time. Books and movies, too, are good for self-improvement.

    Oh. Erotic novels and porn videos, too. In reasonable amounts.

    (Attachment: Taki, engineer and Junji)


    Recording for FACTORY! It’s a TV show focused on live performances. This is the kind of poster they create for each of these shows. In other words, the bands playing with 9mm are…


    Those are the ones!!!
    Looking forward to working with you!

    Dressing room ↓

    Rehearsal ↓


    『That’s right, I’m a weird old man.』

    Hello, this is Kazuhiko Nakamura.

    Last night I secretly took part in a DJ event called “Getting Better” over at Shimokita.
    I was so nervous as well as drunk, so I messed up with the mixer’s controls twice (badly!). I still feel uneasy about that. But it was really fun. Also, seeing that there were several people wearing 9mm’s T-shirts made me really hyped up. I wonder if they knew I was going to perform. Ah man, it was fun!

    Now then, today it’s FACTORY. We’ll do our best in high spirits.


    Starting next year, 9mm’s first regular corner!
    SSTV 『Hinketsu!! sector Danshiryou』
    Before it starts, Takuro had a meeting with a senior of his who’s also doing a regular corner, Momono from monobright.

    Next year we’ll be properly updating you on the tour’s happenings on this show!
    Please do watch their first regular corner.


    『The day breaks』

    The Termination Tour 07 is over! Thanks to you, we survived it unharmed (all of the members did catch a cold though). Thank you very much to all who came. See you again on the ’08 tour!

    Picture: Pasted onto this notebook are backstage passes. It’s actually missing one, even though I’m sure I did bring it with me… Too bad…


    Termination Tour 07

    The tour ended without a hitch.
    To everyone who came to see the band.
    To all the bands 9mm played with.
    The staff from each venue.
    The staff of the 9mm team.

    Thank you very much!
    See you next year!
    We’re looking forward to meeting you on the band’s next headlining tour.

    ↓ We collected the backstage passes of the Termination Tour 07 in commemoration!
    Also, commemorative pictures!

    ↑ Taki and Takuro
    Also featuring Taki’s stage shoes.

    ↑ Chihiro and Takuro
    The lighting’s a little gloomy so they look a bit scary, but they’re having fun!

    ↑ Kazuhiko and Takuro
    Alright, the same pose as always!
    Very good!!!!!!

    Tour finale!

    Live right now!

    Those of you cheering on the band from afar on their finale…
    Those of you listening from outside the venue because it’s sold out…
    Thank you!

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