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  • Archive for "Aug 2011"


    「At the backstage area of Arabaki」

    After the show had ended safely… playing around with the insects inhabiting the nature at the backstage area were Chihiro Kamijo and Taki Yoshimitsu.

    Taki started keeping a stag beetle as a pet.
    (And before that, a grasshopper. (lol))

    Then, Kamijo went on a search for a (male) rhinoceros beetle!

    There were apparently lots of females… but he finally found the male he really he was after!

    There was a promise of a trade if he managed to successfully discover one, so he made his way over to that someone.

    Presenting the rhinoceros beetle to Mr. Hosomi!
    He was really pleased!
    They’re still just boys, the both of them…

    And then, for Ryouhei who helped Chihiro in his search,
    Here you go, a rhinoceros beetle~!

    He looks disgusted (lol)

    Those were our fun memories created at Arabaki.



    I took some pictures from the festival held at Kazuhiko’s hometown… it was a good show. Kazuhiko did an MC, “Kamome” played at night-time sounded beautiful… it was truly a wonderful festival!

    Thank you!



    It’s really great weather here at the venue!!
    I’ll be taking pictures of 9mm’s show on the HATAHATA stage at the ARABAKI festival that’s finally being held after delays!

    We were hanging out with George backstage!!

    The band will be giving their all for the show, starting at 19:00!


    「Our show at Okayama Pepper has ended」
    That is to say, that was our last show at a live house for a little while!
    With that, we’re having a wrap-up party. Cheers to everyone who came to see us!!

    Sapporo ☆


    「It’s been a while & Monster Bash (day one) is over」

    While on tour, we’re always commuting between the shows. Or perhaps I should say, it feels more like we’re playing shows in between all the commuting… is what it feels like to me. I’m weak with vehicles (and moreover, I’ve found out that anti-travel sickness medicine is no good for me) and so I no longer have any techniques to fight it. I just go with the flow. Let it be. So, I just try to absentmindedly pass the time. If I sometimes get cocky and try reading a book or something, I’m instantly screwed (also, I’ve lately developed an even more dangerous habit of trying to read at times when I’m feeling down). I know, I know… but that what it’s been like every day, so lately I’ve unconsciously become lazy with updating the blog… I see, so that’s why… With that, I’ll leave it here for now. Good talking to you again. 9mm’s tour continues on while receiving high praise!

    Today we played at the first day of MONSTER baSH. I’m not exaggerating when I say the venue was absolutely packed to maximum capacity with people. We had a wonderful time. Thank you very much everyone. Let us definitely meet again.

    Only three dates to go on the tour! Next up is Miyazaki~!

    The entrance to our dressing room.
    Sitting there is a staff member.

    Some Monsters here, probably watching cocco’s show.


    「Today’s blue devil」

    We’ll do our best today, too!


    「7/30 @ South Korea」

    A new day dawned on us after the Chamisul fest… and we we’re off to a South Korean record shop.
    9mm Parabellum Bullet! They had some!

    Everyone ate a lot of meat the day before, so for lunch we had reimen.

    Two nights and three days in South Korea!
    It was a really fulfilling time!!


    「Evening of 7/29 @ South Korea」

    After the show, we went for dinner with everyone!

    That’s a leaf called egoma!
    It’s something everyone either loves or hates.

    Oh, and here’s egoman (lol)

    Playing around until the meat was ready…

    Also, we met up with another Zankyo band from South Korea, APOLLO18~.
    They love 9mm and helped us out a lot with everything!

    They taught us the South Korean style of drinking Chamisul!
    Yeah ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    Presenting the drunkards~!

    Following that, everyone got increasingly more drunk~!


    「7/29 @ South Korea」

    The day of the show in South Korea!
    Before the show, 9mm had some PR to do.

    Recording a radio appearance~.
    This was the first time for the band to do an interview alongside a translator… which resulted in lots of laughs!

    Commemorative picture!

    After that, it was time to prepare for the show.
    Everyone felt nervous about playing for the first time abroad & in South Korea.

    Taki, waving around his guitar!

    Everyone was really into it!!

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