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  • Archive for "Oct 2008"


    On standby for the next interview.
    Not a hint of nervousness here!


    At Nagoya, in the middle of an appearance at Satellite Studio.
    Thanks to the many of you that came to see them.

    It’s dark, but there was really a lot of people there.


    「We’re in Nagoya」

    Water that promises you long life.
    It was everywhere around the radio station in Osaka.
    Tastes like normal soft water.


    At Osaka…
    9mm’s been doing all sorts of radio appearances and interviews today as well.
    The picture is from Tower Records Marubiru.


    We went to Tower Records Fukuoka.
    The whole in-store live room became full of 9mm.
    They left all sorts of pranks there, so definitely go check it out!


    Rock on.


    Today we’re doing various interviews and radio appearances in Fukuoka.
    The strained tensions at the council room where they’re thinking up comments…
    Kazuhiko’s listening to the roar of the waves.
    Taki’s sniffing a shoe.
    Takuro’s raising his blood sugar levels by having a box of chocolate on his head.
    Chihiro’s harvesting the universe.


    「Creating a sequel」

    9mm’s recording at the moment. Me and Taki-kun are doing guitar overdubs…… is what the picture looks like, right! But that’s completely wrong. There was a video camera set up in front of us, filming us as we were saying “…and this is what I play here“. In other words, we were making a band score. Ah man, we played through all the songs with utmost effort. It was good practice. Alright! All the band kids nation-wide who are fans of 9mm, there’s going to be a score for VAMPIRE! I dunno the details yet so until it’s announced, do your best and practice by ear! Then, when it is released, you can go “I can already play it~”, essentially rendering our work today completely useless and it’ll be great! Wait for our follow-up report~

    Now then, starting tomorrow, 9mm’s doing a quick tour of Japan (Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya). We should be be able to report on a variety of things.


    『Let’s write a blog for a change shall we』

    Good evening, this is Kazuu Nakamura. I’m Kazuu. Hello.

    A belated thank you very much to everyone who attended Akatsuki no Yaon. At the wrap-up party that day, we were having this motsunabe that really packed a punch, and Motsu-sensei aka Junji Ishiwatari decided to order two bowls of motsunabe for our table alone, just because he felt like it. My stomach got filled to the brim with motsu and ever since then my stomach has been digesting it until about yesterday. Thanks to him I missed the chance of trying out a technique I’d heard — “at times of muscular pain, eating protein builds the body.” Damn you, Motsu-sensei. That was delicious!

    As you might know by now, VAMPIRE came 2nd in the Oricon weekly ranking. Thank you. Quite a surprise, huh? Thus, lately I’ve been happily receiving congratulatory mails and phone calls from friends all over. I’m really happy. I’ll continue working my hardest!

    Now then, as it is soon November, it’s right about the season you bring out the kotatsu. With that, here’s mine, with Oronamin C. Though seeing as we’re about to go on tour, I won’t be spending much time at home, but anyway.



    「Limited edition commemorative item (lie)」

    VAMPIRE came 2nd on the Oricon weekly chart. Thanks everyone!!
    To celebrate this, 9mm’s forever loved candy maker came out with this~! Have a look!

    HARIBO’s VAMPIRE-flavor. (lol) I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while now~! Nhahahaha. Sure is a coincidence though. Is it because of the Halloween season I wonder? I’m happy about it but the problem is, if you look reaaally closely, his hand is kind of grossly unattached…… the illustration’s cute, though.

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