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    Summer festival goods information!

    The limited edition July white T-shirt (green print) will be available through mail order beginning August 1st. Those of you who couldn’t get one or who didn’t come to the shows in July, this is your chance!

    Starting tomorrow, the limited edition goods will change!

    ■ August 1st JAPAN limited edition white T-shirt (pink print)
    ■ August limited edition white T-shirt (blue print)
    ↓ Models: Kazuhiko & Chihiro

    And then the limited edition summer goods!
    Bath towel (includes clip)
    ↓ 9mm

    ↓ It can also be used as a hammock!

    It’s big and sturdy, so please do put it to good use, everyone.



    Hello, this is Kazuhiko “Blackbeat” Nakamura. Long time no talk. The heavy rain at SETSTOCK broke my effect pedal which I’m pretty bummed out about. The miracles of Mother Nature. Hello, this is Kazuhiko.

    Last night, me, Bill Gordie (Horinouchi from BBB) and Shadowmoon (Nagashima from telephones) held a get-together to talk about tokusatsu hero films. Mayday mayday. 25-year-olds, talking heatedly about tokusatsu hero films (mainly Metal Hero and Rider). We were pathetically doing self-introductions in our favorite characters’ names. All of them bad guys, for some reason. However, we finally got to talking about music which saved us. Reading the other two’s blogs about this is really funny as well.

    Now then. It’s around the time we should start heading for Hitachi.
    Looks like it might start raining. Bleh, I don’t like rain.

    That’s all. This was Kazu Nakamura.



    Gah, it’s raining a little!


    「Fuji Rock!!」

    The weather cleared up~!!


    「Good morning」

    We’re rehearsing for the festivals today. We’ll start lining up the amps now.


    「Candy House」

    It’s the first song I heard by michelle. It was the opening theme for Music Square. If Abe hadn’t been the guitarist for michelle, the me in junior high school might’ve just given up on guitar before I’d barely even started. I wanted to play like that, so I tried copying him. But the thing is, no one can copy him.

    May Abe rest in peace. I’m praying for his happiness in the next world.


    「Under the rainbow」

    It already went down two days ago, but I’ll talk about GG09.

    Not only the members of UNICORN and Dragon Ash, but everyone in the audience celebrated with me. I’m happy. That’s all I can really say. I’ve made another unforgettable memory. Having everyone sing “Happy Birthday” to me, you can’t get that anywhere. I really mean that. Returning backstage, I was seeing stars. When I was up on stage, I think hints of sadness, or hardship, or shyness or holding back my tears were all rising to the surface in my facial expression, so I really don’t want to see what they captured in the footage~. (laughs) I’m sure they were totally filming me though. Nhahaha.

    All the fans and everyone who was at the venue, my friends and family, the 9mm team, George and all the GG staff, thank you very much. GG is being held for the 9th time next year, so… we’ll be waiting for your call. (laughs)

    About that rainbow at the end. Appearing in Tokyo a little before 19, it was a double rainbow, bigger, clearer, more vivid and more beautiful than any other rainbow I’ve seen so far. I was gazing at it, sensing that it was congratulating me on the show and my birthday, but everyone else looking at it must’ve taken it to be just an omen of good luck. It’s not very often that people are able to create something as beautiful as rainbows, but music is always at least second best in that regard. The kind that reverberates in both your heart and your body.

    Tomorrow we’re playing with the HIATUS at Shinkiba Coast!!
    This was Takuro Sugawara (26). With that, later.


    The performance starts now.

    There’s a rainbow.
    I guess it means they’re going to play a good show.
    The birthday boy is there as well. (laughs)


    「The rainy season has passed」

    Sorry for not keeping in touch. 9mm is doing good. With so many events like the Daisanji Memai Taisen finale, Scandalous Night and Kyoto Daisakusen piling on top of each other, I haven’t had the time to write anything.

    To add to that, we’re currently busy with a new song (practicing it at soundcheck before every show). After surviving the rough festival season and safely getting through Budokan, we’re scheduled to go into recording in the autumn. We don’t know what we’re going to come up with yet, but we’re of course going to make it good. I’d like to have this summer become a big inspiration for it.

    Now then. I’m excited about standing on the stage of GG09 next week. I’m glad we’re able to perform with Dragon Ash again since our first appearance at GG. I’m really sorry to impose, but my birthday is also on the 19th and according to what I’ve heard, I was born at around 4 in the morning it seems. Thus, it’ll be a new version of me performing that day~. I’m hoping for your support. (laughs)

    Watch out for summer fatigue, everyone. With that, later.

    Our third summer festival, Kyoto Daisakusen. It was a fantastic event. I want to go agaaain (I gotta stop this).


    This is Taki.

    I’m now making the effect pedal that’ll be given away as the premiere prize at tomorrow’s raffle. This’ll be the last one. It was a lengthy struggle. I’m sorry to say that no one in Sapporo won one. I’d decided on it beforehand, but for the sake of fairness, I gave it away to Eijun. I’m happy that a guitarist I like will be using it. He said he’d definitely use it tomorrow, so I’m excited about that!

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