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    「Recording Follow-Up Report」

    Hello everyone. The recordings are finally nearing their end. Today we happily finished mixing three songs. They’re good, each one of ’em! …is what I think. It’s like something’s exploding. That something being, well, the sound of course. That’s how it is.

    There’s the worry over whether the CD will sell or not, so a year after we’ve released these songs as an album, we’ll release them all as single cuts (lie)! And all on analog (bigger lie)!

    Even so, to respond to all the “I want this on LP” “Release it as analog!” requests we hear, I’d definitely like to. Cause if you drop your iPod in the water it’ll break, but an LP will be fine. Or if it comes down to it, you can use it like a shuriken and throw it at someone.

    Saying all that, my player is broken so I can’t listen to LP’s right now. I’ll get it fixed after we’re done with recording.

    Tomorrow it’s vocals and guitar dubs.
    Talk to you later.


    「Still some way to go with the recordings」

    Hello everyone.

    9mm is still hard at work.

    It’s something we did sometime back but you guys are only hearing about it now… yesterday, our musical composition contribution to Chiaki Kuriyama was announced. That thing we recorded last year’s autumn was this. I think it’s a song that’ll make you start humming it to yourself, so definitely check it out. It seems it’ll be the first song on the album.

    Tomorrow I’ll sing a Kazuhiko-penned tune.

    Well then, talk to you later.


    「Basic Recordings Done」

    Hello everyone. The other day, the four of us were happy to be able to finish all our individual parts of the recordings. Previously, we’d mostly record everything in one take. This time we’ve moved on to something called overdubs, which is when you do guitar parts, vocals, etc., one by one. It’s time to say farewell to the equipment we so enthusiastically prepared back then, so we took a picture to celebrate the occasion. I don’t have much of an interest in vintage gear so I don’t have that much rare stuff, but let’s upload these just for the folks who get so entranced by watching pictures of gear they even forget to eat. For those of you who have no interest whatsoever, it’s completely OK to just leave it at a quick glimpse before going “heee…“. After all, it’s just technical equipment babble when you think about it.

    The head of the Corps is comprised of these three.

    Haven’t been able to use the wah yet.
    Hope to do so at the overdubs.

    Just a bunch of distortion pedals on the bench. On the left there is an old Guyatone.


    Taking advantage again…
    Kamijou’s drums~.


    Taking the opportunity to post this after Takuro’s blog…
    This is Taki’s pedal board.

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