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    「The day before two things」

    Today is the day before act2 and ac3 are released, and the day before 9mm Day. Despite this, the typhoon is here. Our drummer isn’t particularly one that summons rain through his drumming (even though his drumset is like a blue hurricane)… and it’s not even that the four of us combined are particularly rain men… we even see Mt. Fuji clearly each year we appear at SLS…… Well, I’m sure it’ll have passed by tomorrow! Those of you who can’t make it to the show, I’d definitely like you to get the DVD’s and spend the time watching those.


    「9mm Day」

    At last! It’s been announced! The line-up for 9mm Day! Hey! Those of you who didn’t know about that yet shouldn’t be reading this. Go and check out the website for details and then come back. Those of you who already know, please proceed to read further.

    We finished our summer festival appearances the other day. We played last at TREASURE, so after our show they had fireworks which the four of us were watching while enjoying our drinks after diving in the backyard pool. The fireworks had already started during the encore. It actually seems the Lagunasia in the neighborhood didn’t even have that much to do with the event when doing the fireworks (going about it basically just asking, “so what time is your event ending?” (laughs)). I spent the time while getting a little bit sad because of the end of summer. As for SWEET LOVE SHOWER, need I even say it? If there’s a magnificent Mt. Fuji like in the picture from before, our performance and whatever is just the icing on the cake. We had fun playing as the day was gradually drawing to its close. Looking behind me in between songs, the color of the sky changed several times. In addition, Pierre Nakano was roaring with laughter for some reason. Good grief.

    Yes. Is everyone back? 9mm Day! It’s become a line-up that makes you honestly think, “there aren’t a lot of nights like this.” Even those who got their tickets without knowing who the other bands would be should relieved. It’s a show even I’d want to go see, just like that. No, not just like that. Rather, it’s a show I’d want to go, wildly enthusiastically. Keep washing your hair for about a week more and wait! With that, later.

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    • Daniel: “well, yeah, it is pretty good. sometimes i wish they would ‘stretch out’ a little more, if you know what…Sep 4, 21:45
    • Daniel: “ha! that’s a good one!Sep 4, 21:41
    • Henkka: “Let me know what you thought. :)Jul 20, 03:30
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