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  • 3031 | 「Via radio」

    「Via radio」

    Hello everyone, it’s Takuro.
    We recorded a radio appearance yesterday.

    When you’re doing radio, you feel like you really need to say your band name like you mean it.
    There’s a saying that the number of times your heart beats during your lifetime is limited. Likewise, you could say the amount of times you get to say a particular word in your lifetime is also limited, right? If you don’t say it at least once or twice a day, you’ll start feeling like something’s off. So what even if you screw up and fumble with your words? You want to say what’s on your mind  enough and not be left thinking “so time’s finally up, huh…” at the end.

    The show will be broadcasted in Miyagi and Aichi on separate programs.
    We’re in Miyagi together with Taki. I think we’re finally starting to get used to doing radio.
    It might still sound like we’re nervous to the people listening though.

    I think it didn’t really come across in this post, but me and Taki were both raised to love the radio. There’s nothing as fun as doing this. Even if it’s a day when we just have to read aloud a message or something, we’ll be all excited going “Yeah! Let’s do this!!” Generally, though, our conversation was pretty laid back so I wonder if you can actually hear that excitement over the radio waves, but do try straining your ears and see if you do.

    Well then, it looks like the other members might start posting as of today, too…? It seems it’s that guy up first.

    With that, I’ll talk to you later. This was Takuro.

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    • Daniel: “well, yeah, it is pretty good. sometimes i wish they would ‘stretch out’ a little more, if you know what…Sep 4, 21:45
    • Daniel: “ha! that’s a good one!Sep 4, 21:41
    • Henkka: “Let me know what you thought. :)Jul 20, 03:30
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