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  • 3031 | 2007/06/21*13:26*Kamijou


    『You and me and our respective odours』

    All smiles as always, it’s Chihiro.
    Right now, we’re advancing from Osaka to Fukuoka.

    …Let’s see. It’s going to be a bit of a vulgar blog today. Perhaps I should try and be prudent… But, if you never talk about any indecent topics, people will grow suspicious of your character.

    This is a frequent topic of discussion among touring bands. If you eat too much ramen while on tour, you can’t stop farting. But, if you were to keep this air bubble of evil contained within your insides, it would give you a little bit of an unpleasant feeling.

    Indeed, to maintain the health of your body as well as your mind, it does not smell good.

    Therefore, let it loose.
    As strongly as possible.

    However, you can’t rush it.
    When you fart, you have to lift up your ass and let it loose in mid-air.
    That way, the moment you fire, the pressure in your intestines drops lower than the atmospheric pressure and when that happens, air enters into your intestines, right??
    This is a technique that enables you to fart again.

    Only thing is, there can be some uncertainty about the density of those successive farts, but that’s something that can be forgiven.

    (Point of advice: if you’ve intaken lots of garlic beforehand, that should remove any such uncertainty.)

    Once you become an artisan of flatulence, you will be able to break wind indefinitely at will.

    Let’s try doing it with our dads.
    In front of our moms, it’s stricly prohibited.
    In front of other girls, only moderately so.


    (Image: Kazuhiko’s arm)

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