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  • 3031 | 2007/09/07*03:38*Kamijo


    『I think people can regulate other people.』

    Autumn creeping on the insect making its beautiful sounds and calls, causing a typhoon which foils the insect’s plans.

    Feeling sympathy for the insect who was in the middle of courting an insect lady, feeling the urge to breed.

    Yes yes.
    An insect in my previous life, too, I’m Chihiro.

    Like, writing the preceding, I started feeling really down. Yeah.
    I mean, I feel really angry and irritated. Yeah. Yay.

    Now… then.
    Huh, I’m starting to get drunk.

    A typhoon, huh?
    It must’ve been around three years ago. It was a typhoon that night, too.
    Hey Kamijo. The typhoon’s so crazy, I got in all high spirits and came over.

    With this kind of a strange excuse, Taki charged over into my house without appointment.
    He slowly took off his sopping wet jeans and phoned Kazuhiko.
    Hey Kazuhiko, the typhoon’s crazy so come over to Kamijo’s place!

    And like that, the three of us just drank about.
    After that, for a looong time we just played the Star Road part of Mario (for Super Nintendo).

    Nope, that’s it.
    There’s no joke here. I was just reminiscing.

    You know, requesting jokes and stuff, you won’t grow up to be a proper adult if you keep depending on people with anything and everything like that.

    You make the future with your own pair of hands, carrying it on your shoulders.
    The innovation of mankind has been entrusted to you.
    So stand up, youngster.
    Convert your sadness into hatred and stand up, youngster.

    Do not forget that us, the people of Japan, were specifically chosen.
    Because we are the superior race, we stand to help the rest of mankind.
    Siiiieg Zeon.

    Yeah yeah yeah. Gihren Zabi, as cool as ever.
    Okay, I’ll get uuuuup.

    Keeping you company was Chihiro, just about to pass out from the chu-hi. Yours sincerely.

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    • Henkka says:

      In case you didn’t check out the links: the nationalistic stuff was just a reference to what a fictional character said in the Gundam anime series. Just saying. I, by the way, haven’t seen the series (neither in Japanese or English), so my apologies for the fact that my translation is almost sure to be completely different from the official English translation.

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