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  • 3031 | 2007/12/23*Chihiro


    『An instrument is a mirror reflecting its player’s nature.』

    It’s been around 2007 years since The Three Wise Men from the east struggled as they made their way into Bethlehem. The city’s full of illumination. Christmas is near.

    Having been told at fortune-telling that my lucky item of the day is “pigs’ feet”, this is Chihiro. That’s terrible.

    Thank you for attending our tour. During our tour I received several fan letters and I find that recently it seems girls really like dirty jokes — the letters are full of everyone asking me to write more. Now, about that…

    Even though I do try and keep a sense of style as I write about vulgar stuff, all I get is a bunch of “that’s no good” from my manager. As a result, I have to choose different, more half-hearted words to express what I want to say. “Pervert“, “too lewd” and “you’re the worst” are just some of the words of abuse from that person whom I properly hear out with respect. It’s not like I don’t understand the feelings of the people who say those things to me. However… it’s apparent they just don’t know “the real thing.

    At the end of the day, I’m nothing more than just “a normal person trying to act like a pervert.” I wholly acknowledge and agree that my skills as a pervert are pathetic. See, the real perverts are really, really, really, really perverted. A “frivolous pervert” like me is completely useless. It appears that they detest witty, foolish people like me. I’m not too sure they’ll let it slide when someone like me is seen as being one of “them.” Observing the world from up above, I wonder just what it is that they’re doing in preparation of my ruin.

    I tried writing in all seriousness for a change. It’s no good to just be thinking about music and perverted things all the time. Books and movies, too, are good for self-improvement.

    Oh. Erotic novels and porn videos, too. In reasonable amounts.

    (Attachment: Taki, engineer and Junji)

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