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  • 3031 | 2008/04/01*Chihiro


    Shinano no kuni wa jyuusu ni.¹

    It’s been a reaaally long time. I ought to write once in a while.
    A senior-like senor, this is Chihiro.

    I’m sure there has to be some guy out there who pronounces “senior” as “senor”.
    Well, there’s me. Forgot in all my thoughtlessness.

    …It’s not like I was being lazy with writing on the blog. It just smelled like trouble. Things like printed media, rehearsals, commutes for shows, the monthlies… I had a lot going on.

    Watching Kiki’s Delivery Service the other day, it reminded me of how I wanted to become a witch. Well, back when I was in kindergarten anyway. I really wanted to become one.

    But, you know, nowadays I’ve already grown ○nge, so I’ve given up.

    I think some among you might be confused right now, so let me just clear that up for you.
    You put “chi” inside the ○, not “ma“. (Chinge = penis hair, mange = vagina hair)
    Don’t get me wrong… it’s just that it’s easy to make a mistake there, so be careful.
    If I had man○ down there, I’d be going all “mahariku maharita² right about now.

    As a child, a jedi knight
    In middle school, the captain of Space Battleship Yamato
    In senior high school, a Spriggan archeologist
    In college, a researcher for the secret military agency NERV
    As a graduate student, a really cool adult
    …is what I wanted to become.

    And right now… I want to become John Rambo.

    I wonder if you’re all still hanging on to your dreams.
    For me, my dreams all disappeared completely as if they were mere bubbles.

    A life of non-committed half-assedness spent lying around and shitting your pants — though fun — is something you can let someone else do instead. Before the chances of you realizing your dreams are non-existant, you should chase after them with all your power.

    Don’t join the class of dropouts like me.
    I pray that you consider what I’ve just said.

    (Attachment: A charm I bought as 20-year-old admirer of Rambo and Yu Ominae. It’s really sharp.)

    ¹ Opening lyric of Nagano’s prefectural song “Shinano no Kuni“.
    ² Witch lingo, don’t know the English equivalent. What do English-speaking witches say?

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