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  • 3031 | 2008/04/13*Takuro


    Walking outside yesterday, a foreign man suddenly greeted me.

    As I was thinking if he was going to enquire about directions or something, he turned out to be Scott, the drummer from J.

    He started the conversation off with “How are you? You guys sure are working hard~” I replied, “We’re going to Matsuyama tomorrow(?) and after that we’re off to Osaka We’re super busy!” And so our chat continued, all smiles. But, even though I could understand what he was saying, I could only open my mouth to say “yeah~” “yes!” “thank you~”. That was the regrettable end result. Next time when me and Scott talk, I’ll try conversing with him a little more seriously… is what I decided in my heart that time.

    As we were parting, I gave him a 9mm sticker and he said “Thank you! I’ll stick it on my pedal!” which again made me smile. Stomp down on it to your heart’s content please~. The next time we’re doing a show together, I think I’ll stealthily have a look and see if he really did stick it on. Fufufu.

    Pictured here is Sugawara Takuro, silently swearing revenge over at the EMI lobby.

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