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  • 3031 | 2008/04/25*Chihiro


    『Don’t become close with gross guys.』

    Yes yes. ‘Tis Chihiro.

    Me and Kazuhiko actually have a monthly feature in this print called “DROPS” by Shiseido. Each time I pick the no. 1 of whatever is the category in question — according entirely to my own arbitrary, narrow-minded, prejudiced and preconceived judgement. My one such manuscript for next month’s issue was rejected. Apparently, the subject matter wasn’t family-friendly enough. What a shame. Since it’d be a waste to just scrap it as I did go through the trouble of writing it, I’ll just publish it here.


    This time, I ask those who are turned off by gross stuff to please refrain from reading. Just to give you an early heads-up. Those of you who are able to stare at an open large intestine surgery while stuffing your face with food, this is for you.

    The topic this time around are the loved-by-all “torture & execution devices.” Things like these as well as photographs of dead bodies… I feel ashamed for having an interest in them. To me it’s something we the modern people don’t have in this age anymore: an important tool to help us reaffirm the joy and meaning in our lives. It’s a way to study humanity through the dark history of convicts.

    Although we did have some in our own country as well, the variety of these gadgets was very rich in medieval Europe. “Iron Maiden” is one of the more famous ones. “A thorny casket imitating a woman’s body. A person is put in and skewered by spikes, missing the vital organs.” “The outer walls of the pitfall trap are covered with knives. Once reaching the bottom, all that remains are small lumps of human meat.” What calculating execution apparatuses. The human intellect sure is wonderful.

    But there’s also many that aren’t as gross. The painless guillotine is one cute example. “Placing scorching hot pots etc. on one’s head/burning” “Forcibly plucking off women’s nipples/nipple removal device” “Letting rats or countless of ants eat the body or genital area/animal punishment“… etc. But, after all, if there’s one that’s not exceedingly brutal or gross but is very painful, it’s the “Pear of Anguish“. It’s quite popular. “Forcibly inserted into either the vagina, anus or mouth, the pear expands with use of the handle, tearing skin and pulverizing bone.” Hee, isn’t that just lovely. I think this guy gets the no. 1 this time.

    See, one who knows pain also knows how to be kind to others. Not only physically, but emotionally as well. Alright, I was able to wrap this up nicely. See ya.

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