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  • 3031 | 2009/02/04*Takuro


    「I’ll try not to forget anymore」

    The day after our tour finale, when all we had left to do was to return home, I was tormented by a mysterious, awful physical condition. My head hurt and no matter what I did, I felt sick. What on earth was wrong with me!? Cold? Could I have caught a cold this far along the road? As I thought about the previous night while sitting in our shaking tour bus for 30 minutes, I solved the mystery.

    I was simply hungover.

    What the hell. During my alcohol abstaining lifestyle during the tour, I’d completely forgotten about hangovers. “So that this doesn’t happen again, I’ll have to drink on our next tour…!” is what I find myself thinking.

    ※ Though the people pictured here look worn out, they’re all happy.
    Cameraman Rui is also in the shot.

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