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  • 3031 | 2010/07/21*Takuro


    「I turned 27」

    Long time no see, everyone. On July 19th, I turned 27. Wait, so does this make me “around 30“? But if you look at it long term, doesn’t this mean I’m already around 40, no, around 50? Around & around? Why don’t we just say it in Japanese to begin with? I guess that’d be “三十代周辺”. It’s weird how we use the English word “around“. Actually, if we keep looking at it long term, aren’t I already as good as dead? If you think about it. Well, whether I’m around 30 or whatever, right now’s the best. At least I’ve made progress since like 10 years ago.

    Uhm, let’s make talk about something more official blog -ish. Looking at the top of the page on the blog the other day: “The last post was…!? Wait, we’re still stuck in June!? This is no good, we have to announce the end of the tour…” Even though that’s what I was thinking, I ended up doing nothing. We performed at an Omotesandou event and Kyoto Daisakusen, attended a friend’s wedding party and got completely beaten by the heat during the end of the rainy season. Thus, I was thinking to myself “bleh, I’ll just blog on my birthday“, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. And so, I’m now posting just before our first show in a while.

    Firstly, this is really old news now, but Revolutionary Tour 2010 has ended. Thanks to everyone who made their way over. To tell you the truth, I was thinking there were hardly any shows on the tour, but once we got started, I found out that wasn’t the case at all. The halls felt nice and new for us, too. Next, I want to try doing a tour mixing shows at halls, huge clubs that can fit a thousand people and really tiny live houses, as well as shows with and without other bands.

    For the foreseeable future, I’ll be staring at the live video of Yokohama BLITZ for the sake of an upcoming DVD release. It’s good. This was a fun show, even if I do say so myself. It makes me think there were quite a few people who enjoyed the tour. It’d be quite long with just this alone, but there’s definitely something more we want you to get along with this. The packaging is nice, too. Look forward to seeing the cover art, etc.

    And then, tomorrow’s show is at GG10. This is already our 3rd or is it 4th one in a row. We keep getting called back. We’re thankful to George and GG. Last year we played on the very day of my birthday, and it was a terrific night with everyone in the venue singing Happy Birthday in unison (the footage was up on YouTube but I don’t know about now. Regardless of my facial expression there, I was really happy). This year there’s nooothing like that at all, so it’ll be just a normal show. Phew, that’s a relief. This’ll be our first time playing with andymori and, actually, chatmonchy as well. Ah, I’m excited.

    Last year at my birthday show, it’d just stopped raining and there was a double rainbow in the sky which felt like a really nice omen. It seems there’s actually a country like that as well. I’m hoping it’ll be a good day this year, too. With that, see you at the venue, everyone.

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