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  • Archive for "May 2011"


    「Download recommendation」

    “Atarashii Hikari” has been released. Just to check that they hadn’t forgotten about it or anything, the four of us went to a CD shop and it was properly on sale as scheduled. The shop we went to, they had it really standing out on display everywhere. We saw someone who had just given it a trial listen and was lining up at the cash register. When we asked him about it, he said he doesn’t really know the band all that well. Splendid. “Be sure to download the live recording, too!“, we told him. In any case, the CD went on sale as planned. Thank you to everyone who got a copy. I want you to play it to your friends, siblings and parents, too. I say this every time, but I want lots of people to hear it. Don’t forget to download the live recording, too, as it was a terrific show. It’s the one we played at the Super Arena last year, which means Yokohama Arena should be even more awesome as we’ve naturally grown as a band after making the new album. Well then, see you later. We’re featured on tonight’s edition of Specha on Space Shower TV, so make sure to watch it!!

    The picture’s from yesterday when we did a live radio broadcast in Yokohama. You can see my reflection.


    「The day before the release of Atarashii Hikari」

    Did everyone listen to School of Lock? How was our new song? We’ll become regulars on there again, so please do give our show a listen. Today we did a photo shoot for Ongaku to Hito at a late night Tokyo. The people walking down the road were mostly surprised to see us as they walked by, but I think around 10% of the people there were just looking at us like “I wonder who those guys are?” But you know, it’s exactly because they don’t know us yet that I want those people to hear “Movement” and come see us at Yokohama Arena. Aside from the photo shoot, we also did lots of interviews for other magazines and free newspapers today, so if you see them around, you should be able to get ahold of a copy. We’re really talking a lot lately, seriously. This all reminds me, it seems this month’s issue of Ongaku to Hito had my name pop up in THE BACK HORN’s Matsuda’s serial… moreover, I hear they’re having an event at LOFT PLUS ONE tomorrow, aren’t they? Just wanted to advertise it. Me, I won’t be going, but I hear it’s going to be huge comeback for them, so yeah.

    Right then! The day’s turned to the 17th which means “Atarashii Hikari” goes on sale tomorrow! It’s finally coming out~.


    Between all the magazine interviews and photoshoots, we’re crawling about inside the vast lobbies of EMI!

    According to the band, it’s apparently quite fun.
    I’m not sure I really see the appeal of it myself though (lol)


    『Busy with media appearances』

    For the whole month of May, the band has been concentrating on doing media appearances.
    They’re all sure to be quite focused on the band’s thoughts on the approaching Yokohama Arena show as well as what went on in the studio.

    Yesterday we went over to EMI and took over four of their rooms to do our photo shooting.
    The waiting room is where we restrained ourselves from drinking too much of the Red Bull and Oronamin C made available to us (lol)
    The guitar room
    The bass room
    The drums room
    Each room gave the band the chance to properly show off their instruments.

    Look forward to seeing it~.

    We’ll be taking over the four rooms again today.
    Not for photo shooting… but to conduct proper one-by-one interviews with the members.
    Of course we’ll again be holding back from excessive Red Bull and Oronamin C consumption in the waiting room!
    As far as the publication date, we’ll let you know on the home page later.

    It was a long day today, too.
    For lunch… I think we’re going to count on good old Cocoichi.
    Fight on with curry power! I think that’s my battle strategy.


    「Rice collecting」


    Last month, Tactics Records carried out their Epic Candy War Campaign. This time, they’re collecting rice and sending it to the disaster areas! We, too, are taking part. Rice riot!


    As you know, 9mm got a chance to visit Iichiko…
    What enabled us to meet those good people at Iichiko was actually a programme we went to record there.

    The Kyushu people amongst you might’ve spotted him in yesterday’s group picture.
    It’s Mr. Kuriyoshi’s programme!

    cross fm「MUSIC AMP」
    5/21 (Sat) 5/28 (Sat) 18:00-22:00
    Guest appearance

    We got to drink and have fun while recording the show so definitely, do tune in!

    …Kamijou’s sound effects are fairly humorous.
    …Takuro’s unexpected accident is also amusing.
    Look forward to it~


    Today… 9mm have at last come for their training at Iichiko¹!
    We made our way to Iichiko’s distillation site in Oita!!
    Having gotten the chance to make a field trip to the factory, it’s time for training!!

    Stirring the mould~!
    9mm Iichiko~!
    Please turn out delicious!

    It was really fun and educational.
    More than anything, we were moved by the kindness of the workers there.
    The members got a greater appreciation for Iichiko’s products as well as its diligent staff.

    Commemorative picture with the staff and Mr. Kuriyoshi!

    Everyone at Iichiko’s Oita distillation site,
    Mr. Kuriyoshi,
    We’re in your debt.

    Koizumi, Koga, Misumi,
    Thank you for accompanying 9mm all the way to Iichiko!
    Our next goal! Aim to make the next Iichiko theme song (lol)

    For me personally, it was great fun capturing the members having a good time and training for the day. I was happy we got to sample some drinks.

    ¹ Japanese alcohol maker. Website.


    「in Fukuoka」

    It’s been exactly two months today, hasn’t it? I’m in Fukuoka right now and I think we’ll be driving somewhere at 2 o’clock, but I’ll pray in the car.


    We recorded three radio shows in Hiroshima today, in addition to other talks and interviews.
    The details on the radio appearances are as follows.
    Do give them a listen, everyone!

    ■HFM「vibe ON! MUSIC」
    2011/5/12 (Thursday) 17:00~18:50
    Featuring a comment from the band!

    ■HFM「Okubo Shigeki no 『9jiraji』」
    2011/5/19 (Thursday) 21:00~22:00
    Featuring a comment from the band!

    ■HFM「JP Standard」
    2011/5/28 (Saturday) 19:00~19:30
    Guest appearance!


    The picture is of Takuro busy reading during a break.


    「Heading West」

    You’ll get more photoshoot pictures from the staff later. Anyway, for some reason 9mm is in Hiroshima today. Looks like it might rain. It feels like it’s going to be a good day.

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