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  • 3031 | 2012/09/08*Takuro


    「It’s 9mm Day tomorrow」

    Good evening everyone. Tomorrow is finally the 9mm Day of the year. Two shows, the one at noon being just for women while the one in the evening is just for men!¹ Just what is going to happen?!

    This is the first time for 9mm to be doing this kind of thing. An unknown world. I suppose some of you who are coming might be wondering what to expect. To those people I would say to think of it like how the men’s and women’s sections at public bath houses are usually separate. Come to Shimokitazawa tomorrow expecting to enter into a sort of strange onsen. 9mm are the clerks, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Just, please refrain from loitering around wearing only a towel. Be careful about that and have fun.

    PS. I’ve heard that our new song will be broadcasted live on Nico Nico. But! I have no idea how you tune in to watch, so please look into that yourselves. (laughs)

    ¹ Find setlists for both shows in the comments.

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