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  • 3031 | 2012/12/15*Takuro


    「The day before」

    I feel worried. Worried about just who voted and who didn’t. Well, I’m sure everyone shares the sentiment.

    But don’t you feel that there’s loads of people who are saying they voted in this election? I do. I wonder if everyone realized that we need to do something in order to make the situation even just a tiny bit better? Or, rather, maybe they were thinking that we can’t let it get any worse than this, that we have to put an end to it? That sounds terribly gloomy though.

    I was saying how we should all go vote, but please realize that this world isn’t going to change for the better just like that. It won’t change in just a year or two. Even 10 years might not be enough. I might even still be saying the same things when I’m an old geezer. Healing something that was painful for many years is going to take even longer than the time it was actually hurt. The politicians — or us — might fail a number of times until then. But even then, all we can do is try to make things even a little bit less bad than they are now, make everything even a tiny bit better. It sounds stupid when I say it like this, but Japan is our country after all.

    We might not always know it, but surely there are politicians out there somewhere who are deserving of our votes. I just hope everyone finds out about them one way or another, and I hope for things to improve even a little. Those are my two cents of the evening.

    I might seem pessimistic, but I’m really not. There are good things to come, too. Right, like for example the continued songwriting of 9mm’s new songs that are getting high praise. That’s what I’ll be up to tomorrow! With that, I hope you all have a good day.

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