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  • 3031 | 2012/12/21*Takuro


    「To Osaka (for the second to last time this year)」

    It was around a week ago when I wrote “I wonder what kind of a Japan it’ll be next week?” and to be honest, I am disappointed in the results of the election. But like I wrote last time, the real battle starts here. More than anything, we all must must keep doing whatever it is that we do.

    We’ve been practicing for our shows next year, and we’ve had loads of pre-production work, too. And then tomorrow is our first show in 20 days. It’s our first time meeting with Fear, and loathing in Las Vegas. They’ve invited us to perform at their tour finale. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of a show it turns out to be. It’s been raining in Tokyo so I wonder how Osaka is… really though, the streets and all the people walking about give off an end-of-the-year vibe.

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