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    2011/06/06*9mm Parabellum Bullet


    The deadline of applications for the lottery of the live house tour tickets is today at 23 o’clock. Thank you for the many applications we’ve received. Thanks to you, for the tour opening at Yokohama Club Lizard and for Shibuya La.mama… we somehow received over ten thousand applications. All of us in the 9mm team are overjoyed and……?…… Hang on a second. There’s still tickets left for Yokohama Arena.

    We have a suggestion. How about coming to see us at Movement YOKOHAMA?

    All tickets are seated so you can watch comfortably, the venue is nice and spacey, we have the leading edge, state-of-the-art faculties prepared, it’s an ever-growing street with lots of businesses and sightseeing opportunities, and it’s only a 5-minute walk from the Shin-Yokohama station! Access is outstandingly easy! More than anything, we’re scheming for things we’re only going to do at Yokohama Arena. Even today we practiced the whole day. Even though Movement YOKOHAMA is shaping up to be such a glamorous event, why, why will you not come…!? We’re perplexed as we are bursting into laughter.

    You, you who are growing hopeless at your chances for winning tickets to Yokohama Club Lizard or Shibuya La.mama, we have a seat prepared for you at Yokohama Arena. I want you to tell this to all the boys and the girls who don’t know this yet, as well as all the grandfathers and the grandmothers and the papas and the mamas, too. Movement YOKOHAMA is going to be the best night ever. Look forward to June 26th. 9mm will be practicing tomorrow, too!!


    This is Taki.

    I’m now making the effect pedal that’ll be given away as the premiere prize at tomorrow’s raffle. This’ll be the last one. It was a lengthy struggle. I’m sorry to say that no one in Sapporo won one. I’d decided on it beforehand, but for the sake of fairness, I gave it away to Eijun. I’m happy that a guitarist I like will be using it. He said he’d definitely use it tomorrow, so I’m excited about that!


    This is Taki.

    We’re moving our equipment right now for the sake of a photo shoot. I made a really exciting discovery at the place of the shoot. A legendary guitar effect: the authentic Univox Super Fuzz, and in super mint-condition, too! It’s quite a vintage item that you don’t often come across, so please do have a look. It’s seriously cool. It’s owned by the staff here, so I’ll be borrowing it now and making sound with it. Exciting! By the way, the one I’m holding in my other hand is a tremolo I made the other day.

    Only 99 days to go until our show at Budokan on 9/9. I’ll do my best, so see you there!

    This was Taki.


    This is Taki.

    The tour’s already in its final stages. Since the New Year’s started, we’ve had a great time playing with POLYSICS and SPECIAL OTHERS. POLY put on great shows. We’d get in high tensions just from watching them play, making us put on a good show as well. POLY’s new song is really cool! I learned it by ear while watching their rehearsal. What a luxurious way of copying something by ear.

    As for SPECIAL OTHERS, I personally hadn’t had any contact with them before, but they really took good care of us and we became good friends. We always jammed with them before the shows and it was pretty high quality and fun, too. In a sense that only band guys will get, it was deeply meaningful “messing about“.

    We’re playing with Masudore starting today. Looking forward to it!

    The picture is of Napoleon-kun I received from the predecessor of Iichiko(!), Sanwa Shurui. Just because of the fact that I’m in a band, I was able to receive something this awesome. I’m really happy.

    POLYSICS, SPECIAL OTHERS, Iichiko, thank you!

    This was Taki.


    Everyone, everyone was drinking. Nostalgic deliciousness.

    Ram Tiger


    This is Taki.

    We’re in the middle of our tour and it’s really fun. Being forced by the telephones to come and play “sick rocks” with them, conversely having them come play “disaster”, requesting B-DASH to play “Yakyuu”… there’s been a lot of stimulus. During our time with Midori, we had a hot show with Hajime forcing me to hand over my guitar so he could do some speed picking.

    This time around we were playing with OGRE. Watching the shows of bands playing with us from the side of the stage, it always makes me excited. It’s really nice. Reminds me of what’s great about touring.

    Lately we’ve been touring Tohoku and Hokuriku a lot, so we’ve been having some very tasty nihonshu. Local delicacies sure are nice as they make you feel glad to have come there. I look forward to Kyushu and their delicious Iichiko. The other day, we received some Iichiko Shinkun(?) from this radio station and as we drank it with Kamijo, I thought it was so delicious I might die. With a taste that even any premium shochu or other rarities can’t beat, I, I was deeply touched.

    I’ll keep on doing my best on the tour. Those of you coming to see us as well as those of you who aren’t, my best regards.

    This was Taki.


    This is Taki.

    Thank you to everyone who attended Akatsuki no Yaon. I was really nervous right before the performance but the sound of explosion at the beginning of Vampiregirl also blew away a large part of my nervousness. Frightened me some, too, as I messed up on the guitar a little.

    I didn’t know Yaon was that great of a place to play. I want to play there again.

    Playing shows again after a while feels fun. Since I played with all my power for nearly two hours, my muscular pain yesterday was so bad I couldn’t even stand up. It still hurts today. If I sneeze or something, my whole body’s in pain.

    Muscle pain is a kind of pain that occurs when muscle fibers that have snapped apart regenerate and form anew. That is to say, when muscle pain heals, it means new muscle has been created. Thus, I ate loads of meat and stocked up on the protein yesterday. I ate two convenience store karaage sticks and headed to a gyuudon place right after that. I got a lot of protein and my hamstrings felt like they were in heaven. I also bought things like corned beef but I don’t know how I should eat it. But, rubbing the corn beef cans as you’re opening them is exceedingly fun.

    This was Taki.


    This is Taki.

    We’re in Kagawa now. The udon here’s so good, it feels like heaven. The people of Kagawa must be happy, getting to eat udon this delicious. Starting with the one today, we three shows on consecutive days. Kagawa, Nagasaki, Nagoya. We have a lot of commuting ahead of us. It’s an intense schedule but eating this much udon, I’ve gained weight. That always happens with festivals.

    Our show’s starting now. I’ll do my best.

    This was Taki.


    This is Taki.

    We played our show at Hiroshima Namiki Junction today. It was for some reason excessively fun today. Everyone else is saying the same, too. Afterwards we of course headed out for okonomiyaki. It was really, really good.

    I had my birthday on the 9th, turning 25. Thanks to the half-desperate attempts in my last post, a lot of people congratulated me. Thank you, everyone. I’m really happy to have this many people celebrating with me.

    I got a lot of presents, too. They were all funny so I got to laugh a lot. Thank you. I’ll use all the usable things with care and eat all the edible things with delight. I got several shrimp-related things as presents, too, and I’m sorry but it’s impossible for me to accept them. Thus, I think I’ll let Takuro have them. Thank you.

    All the fans as well as the 9mm team and everyone from WRONG SCALE, thank you. No matter how many times I thank you it’s not enough, so I’ll drink the Iichiko I got from WRONG SCALE and go to sleep. Iichiko is genuine shochu. Not just some cheap stuff.

    I’ll sleep.

    I fell asleep.

    I’m asleep.

    I…chiko (sleep-talking)
    Mumble………mumble (sleep-talking)
    Mumble…mumble… (sleep-talking)
    This was Taki (sleep-talking)


    This is Taki.

    We played a show at Shibuya QUATTRO today. It was really fun. té and eastern youth both had really fun shows, too. Not being able to watch té’s set in its entirety, we’re now on the highway, headed for Sendai. Tomorrow we’re playing at the long-awaited Arabaki. I’m so looking forward to this one. I remember how ever since 9mm’s formation, Nakamura’s been saying how he wants to play there one day. That same Nakamura just had his 24th birthday, receiving a lot of presents. I feel really envious. Really envi. Ous real. Ly enviou, s really env. Ious Re. Ally en, vious.

    Like I just mentioned just above, I’m really en, vious so I’ll just go ahead and say it myself: my birthday is May 9th.

    Everyone get that? Say it out loud, May 9th! May 9th!

    Take a deep breath, bend your upper body back and say it: May 9th! May 9th!

    For now, I went to Kamijo who was tired and sleeping after the show, woke him up and got him to do it for me. He did it without a word of complaint, but his body looks stiff.

    After that, everyone woke up so I had them all do it for the occasion. May 9th! May 9th!

    They all did it without complaining. Kamijo’s body was so stiff, he fell over. I have high expectations of him from now on.

    This was Taki.

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