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  • Archive for "Dec 2007"


    The drums we used today!
    …Since we couldn’t bring our own (lol)
    It’s the thought that counts!


    Live in Sendai right now ♪


    『Are you prepared to feel pain in order to know the truth?』

    Not long to go until the year-end office closing. You have my deepest sympathies for having to work through what is sure to be a busy time at the office.

    Poor at being caressed by someone, this is Chihiro.

    I feel like my dirty pervert character has reached full saturation.
    Although it’s something I established myself, the real me is actually not that vulgar.

    See, there was a game of rock-paper-scissors held amongst the members to determine our characters. Me, I just unintentionally ended up with the “pervert” one… (big lie). Maybe it would’ve just been easier to leave deciding our characters up to the director.

    At festivals and stuff when we’re partying with lots of band guys, if they’re meeting me for the first time, I’m often told that in such informal situations my face looks completely different compared to when I’m up on the stage or in pictures published on the blog or in magazines. For people far greater than I, the difference is sure to be even more noticeable.

    People who think celebrities act the same way in real life as they do on TV are idiots” is something I’ve been told before. Right, well that’s what one would usually think right. Well, I’m not exactly a celebrity, but anyway. But for people with class, that actually can be true. Me, I’m of the lower class, so it can often can take a long time for me to comprehend things. To summarize, what I’m trying to say is, “only trust what you’ve seen to be true with your own eyes.” Like they say in the IT field, this is an era of a superabundance of gossip.

    Ah crap. This unintentionally ended up looking like a really weak explanation due to my drunkenness. Writing it from scratch would be a bother… what should I do… uhh…

    Un○, man○, chin○, shik○!!!

    For now, just forgive me with this ↑ please.
    Hint: you put “ko” inside all the ○’s. (Which quite eloquently makes for “shit, pussy, dick, piss)

    No longer able to ditch my character after such a long time, this was Chihiro.
    (Attachment: a towering Taki and a building)


    Today they’re playing at the Takasaki FLEEZ!
    This was taken just now.


    Live right now ♪


    We’re back!!
    We’ll do our best!!


    Zakkuru are niiice.』

    I don’t have anything to write abooout.
    These Zakkuru are so delicious, my head feels like it’s going to meeelt.

    Tohato, you guys are doing good work.

    …Bowel movement.
    Excrement, removal.



    It’s morning!
    The Kyushu leg of the tour is done. Thanks to everyone who came!!

    After this we’ll be getting on the highway for commuting. The road is completely surrounded by mountains. Thanks to that, we’re able to see the autumn colors on the highway even though it’s December already. We’re also reading the surveys¹ as we travel.

    ¹ Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember a time when 9mm were doing a survey on their website, basically asking people what they thought about their live shows. I think this might be referring to those.


    At Nagasaki!
    Having chanpon!
    Time to dig in!

    They’ll do their best for the show!
    The chanpon’s delicious!


    『Everybody Pucchin!』

    Hello, it’s Kazu. Long time no talk. I’m doing alright.

    We got on the cover of the BEA newspaper. Also, my autograph’s changed somehow.

    Right now we’re making a night trip to Nagasaki after our show in Kagoshima. It seems there’s going to be lots of tunnels, so we’ll do our best to not get too gloomy during the drive.

    Those coming to the show, after the show’s over, do properly wipe your sweat, change into dry clothes, wear something warm and so on. When you get home, remember to wash your hands and rinse your mouth. Tea is supposed to be good for that. Let’s do our best against the cold and try to finish the year on a healthy note.

    With that, good night. This was Kazu.

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