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  • 3031 | 2011/09/10*Staff


    「999 (Kyu)shu @ Iichiko」

    With 9mm… it’s gotta be Iichiko (lol)
    So whenever we come to Kyushu, Iichiko always give us something or other.
    This time, we received this as a present!

    As a sequel to the apron we got… a “9mm Parabellum Bullet×iichiko” version of the backdrop they’re always using live!!! The members and staff we’re all moved by how good of a job they did with it.

    Onto the commemorative picture without delay.

    …Yep, a commemorative picture.
    Like a family photo. (lol)

    And then… it’s finally completed!!
    The 9mm brew of Iichiko ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    Taki did a taste test without delay.
    Peeking from behind is Takuro, observing with great interest.

    We’ll report more on the 9mm brew Iichiko on a later date.

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    • Daniel: “well, yeah, it is pretty good. sometimes i wish they would ‘stretch out’ a little more, if you know what…Sep 4, 21:45
    • Daniel: “ha! that’s a good one!Sep 4, 21:41
    • Henkka: “Let me know what you thought. :)Jul 20, 03:30
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