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  • 2013/01/18*Chihiro

    Hey there. Pukupukuu! )^o^(
    Loving the act of asking pregnant women when their expected date is and counting the days until then, I’m Chihiro!

    So I went to my big sister’s house.

    I was watching TV and came up with this sneaky idea.
    I felt like curling every single hair that I could find on the floor!

    By the time I went back home, the floor there had become littered with pubic hairs.
    My production of a sensual room was a success!

    Woohoo! How lovely! ☆~(ゝ。∂)


    Hello. Tenteketen! )^o^(
    Just out of curiosity, I shaved my genital area and it was only yesterday that it finally started coming out again. I’m Chihiro! I’ve kept you waiting. (^o^)/

    I’m gulping down Red Bull during recording.
    Ooh, this is making me fired up. I suddenly feel full of energy!
    There’s no one who can stop me anymore!
    Right now I feel like I could win against both scissors and rock with paper!

    Let’s try it! Rock-paper-scissors!

    I lost!!!! Haha!!
    It looks like it’s the inside of my head that’s paper!


    Secret exchange with the telephones!

    As it just so happened, the telephones were using the same studio starting from the same day as us! That’s reassuring!!!

    Seeing as both bands are close friends with each other, they couldn’t leave their meeting simply at just providing each other with moral support. (laughs) They did something together!



    At 9mm Parabellum Bullet’s room. ☆


    At the telephones’ room. ☆

    As to just what it is they did together, it’s still a secret. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    Look forward to each band’s releases!!

    ■ the telephones


    Today is the third day of recording!!

    There was heavy snow in Tokyo on the 14th.
    9mm started recording on that day.
    As expected of the 9th anniversary year… we’re off to a good start. (laughs)


    photo: 1/14
    We’re making good progress with each passing day.


    photo: 1/15
    As they were checking the recordings, they were doing their usual air drumming thing which you’ve seen in the DVD off-shots! They’re still going at it as much as ever.

    They’ve started today’s recordings as well!
    Takuro playing the acoustic using a fingerpick:


    ※ He won’t be using it in the actual recording. (laughs)

    Be excited for it, everyone. ☆


    Okay everyone! Pafupafu. )^o^(
    Always feeling somehow ecstatic, I’m Chihiro, you know?

    I’m hungry.
    If I get any hungrier than his, my body will start digesting the shit inside me once more!
    Noooo! (、´ `)、

    …Ah! Imagining that now, I’ve lost my appetite!
    Hooray! How lucky!
    Everything turned out all right in the end!! o(^▽^)o


    Hey you all. Payapayaa! )^o^(

    Setting your heart on fire, I’m Kamijo. …constantly saying cryptic things of that sort, I’m Chihiro!

    So this girl called out to me!

    Girl: “…Um, I’m sorry if I’m mistaken, but are you the drummer of 9mm?
    Me: “Perhaps.
    Girl: “I thought so! Um, I became a 9mm fan when I first saw you on Music Station. May I shake your hand?
    Me: “Sure thing.
    Girl: “Thank you! Please do your best, Chiharu-san!!
    Me: “Okay, gotcha. I will.

    The girl, eyes all sparkling, left behind an odor of shampoo as she continued on her way while carrying her guitar.

    I took a grown-up approach towards her mistake with which she obviously meant no ill will.
    As expected of me! So cool! So smart!

    And yet, my current feelings are somewhat on the dark side. This was Chiharu.


    Yo everyone. Zuizuizui! )^o^(
    Always entering public baths all pretentiously with the gates of my imagination opened and my sights set high, I’m Chihiro!

    I went shopping at Omotesandou!
    My Gucci wallet had gotten worn-out so I went out to buy a new one.
    Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton, Armani.. I was gravitating towards those brands.

    Inside the store there was a couple looking for matching rings, these two dudes all flirty while trying on huge sunglasses, a rich-looking middle-aged guy buying a bag for a younger hostess type girl…

    Uwaahh!! )^o^( It makes the imagination run wild!
    Everyone’s all lovey-dovey! o(^▽^)o



    Hello everyone. Zukozukooon! )^o^(
    I pressed “enter” since I was over 18 and had an interest in lewd things, but they were immediately asking for a large monetary sum for the registration fee! This is Chihiro.

    I watched Michael Jackson’s DVD!

    Kyaaaa! Michaeeeel!
    You’re so lovely!! Hold me!!





    Hello ladies, gentlemen. Zubizubaa! (^з^)-☆
    An avatar of love who drives you crazy, this is Chihiro!

    ~ Today’s Trivia ~
    Chihiro-san, always endeavoring to use the latest trendy phrases and expressions.

    Whenever his urge to urinate simply grows too intense, he expresses it by saying: “Ah… it seems like the demon lurking in my urinary bladder is growing restless…!” You can use this expression, too! You should definitely try it out.

    ☆ Single point advice
    It’s possible to also use this expression if the passion building up inside you is not the urge to urinate, but rather bowel movement. In that case, just replace the words “urinary bladder” with “large intestine” or “anus” etc, and it’s ready for use.

    This was your host, Fantasista Kamijo.
    See you !!! ☆~(ゝ。∂)


    Hello everyone. Shabidubaa! ^o^
    A fairytaleist to such a sad degree, I can only shit when it’s full moon! This is Chihiro.

    So today is used paper recycle day. (^^) When I went out to throw out some magazines, I discovered a porn magazine!! The person who threw it out must’ve been quite the expert! It was tied in a way that showed a two-page spread of a totally nude girl. Uwaahh! )^o^(

    However, I’m a proper adult now, so I won’t get any urges from something like this. Sorry! (>_<)

    …is what the man said as he began to run away, a sense of loneliness exuding from his back.

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